Home Plane:Second Chance
Power Level:Lesser God(DR 9, Evo 2)
Class:Knight 17/Cleric 14/Warblade 3
Alignment:Lawful Neutral
Domains:Endurance, Fortitude, Guardian, Law, Protection
Begotten By:Xam
Begot:Haras, Urthadar, Osric
Played by Tsuuga

Kaern is serious and thoughtful. He seeks to preserve all the creations of the playground. He tries not to take sides in the conflicts of the mortal races. Because their goals tend to align, he often works with XiuaHi Xiua'hi.

Holy Symbol: A shield with a clenched fist
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Worshipers: Dwarves
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: RingsofTransit Rings of Transit
Creations: Dwarves, SecondChance Second Chance
Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Warrior 20, Divinity 14
Kaern was a train of thought in Xam's mind that refused to end. When Xam removed him from his thoughts, Kaern found life, divinity, and a body of his own.

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