Kelda is the middle grounds of the Noetrelding island chain. As the most temperate of the four islands, it is used primarily as the Zarier base of operation, containing a large city simply known as Meeting. Meeting sprawls across the four corners of the main islands of the Kelda chain, with large junk communities based in the rivers that separate the 4 parts of the city. As such, ship’s are often docked in one of the sub-sets of the city, almost year round. The top most island experiences harsh cold winters, though snowfall tends to be light throughout the season. The central islands have rather mild weather, with seasonal monsoon’s in both the spring and fall seasons. The bottom most island is surrounded by a giant mangrove swamp, its interior having rainfall near year round, and is inhabited mostly by exiles of Meeting and pirate gangs. The mists around the Kelda chain function much like fog, hanging low to the ground in the morning and evaporating in the day, clinging to the tops of the mountains.
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