Title(s):The Storm God, God of Storms
Home Plane:The Void
Power Level:Lesser Deity(DR 6)
Class:Barbarian 14 / Cleric 5 / Stormcaster 9
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio:Storms, Seafarers
Domains:Storms, Chaos
Begotten By:Lossethir
Played by String

Khakom appears in the form of a muscular humanoid with slate-gray eyes and salt-toughened skin, soaked through with rainwater and dressed in a tattered blue tunic. He is god of Storms, and considers the sea his territory. Khakom is also the patron of Seafarers. He considers all Storm elementals his children, and is protective of them.

Holy Symbol: Blue Raindrop on a Grey field.
Favored Weapon: Caman, a wooden stick measuring around 3 1/2 ft long with a flattened, curved end re-enforced by metal bands (functionally a club)
Worshipers: Sailors, travelers in lands with unpredictable weather, barbarians
Avatar: None
Artifacts: None
Creations: StormElementals Storm Elementals, AirElementals Air Elementals, MistElemental Mist Elementals, Barbarian Barbarians, FavoredSoul Favored Souls
Important Followers: Crikkeshh the Herald of Khakom (Elder Storm Elemental)

Combat: Warrior 14, Divinity 5, Caster 9
Khakom appears as a tall humanoid with round ears, slate-grey eyes and long tangled black and blonde hair. Cords of muscle course up and down his limbs, and he wears a dark-blue tunic, belt and breeches of the same color that are all always sopping wet, along with the rest of him.

Khakom was born by a mistake in an attempt by Lossethir to create a servant loyal to him out of a passing air spirit. Lossethir cast a line out to ensnare the spirit, but the creature was almost too strong. After hours of fierce struggle, Lossethir managed to haul in the Air Spirit, but before he could entrap it within the Cloudtool, the blood from his hands, which had been scraped bloody by the conflict, dripped onto the element, granting it sentience and divine power. The creature became Khakom, the Raging Storm.

Khakom has a somewhat friendly relationship with his father and sisters, the Valkyries. He has yet to form any sort of bond with any of his warrior sisters, but as they are all so different, it is likely that some are sympathetic to him. He cares for his father, but is unafraid to speak his mind even if it is in disagreement. He has had a cordial if brief arrangement with Yam, with whom he traded knowledge of how to teach his people to be barbarians and Favored in exchange for a yet-to-be-collected favor. He has also had some contact with Klik'chak, Gliss and the Destroyer, learning much from the first two and having only sparse contact with the last. His Herald, however, has had a heated arguement with Dalam, and Khakom is still smarting over the insult.

Khakom's Herald, Crikkeshh, is an Advanced Elder Storm Elemental, and has recently become prideful, brash and prone to fits of wild abandon, as befits his status as a living storm. Khakom is unsure what to do about this.

Dogma: Khakom has no strict laws or rules. Structured governments and organizations that oppress people should be opposed, and the sea and the storm are to be respected, not mocked or trivialized. One should pray for safe travel if one is expecting a storm to pop up, and thanks should be given when safe travel befalls you. A common good luck icon is a Teardrop over a still pond, etched into the mast or deck of a ship.

Clergy: Khakom's clerics are few, and many are warriors first and religious men second. They pray in the early morning, when fog covers the ground. Khakom has an unusually large number of Favored amongst his worshippers, and the wings gained by such Favored are generally a grey color.

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