Title(s):Sacred Sand, Sand Lord, The Barren Lord
Home Plane:Amensi
Power Level:Greater Deity (DR 19, Evo 4)
Class:Thri-Kreen 6 / Ranger 12* / Ardent 8 / Thrallherd 6 / War Mage 8 / Cerebremancer 10
(* Thri-Kreen levels grant effective class levels.
In this case, Ranger 2.)
Alignment:Lawful Neutral
Portfolio:Ancestral Memories, Deserts, Drought, Rebirth, Samsara, The Afterlife
Domains:Sand, Ancestor, Death, Law, Life, Restoration, Thirst
Begotten By:Formed through the accumulation of remnant divine power
Begot:Asherah, Emissary of Sand
The Barren Lord
Klik'chak, the Barren Lord
Played by Rizban

As the wastes and deserts of the world grew under the rays of the scorching sun, a power within them was awakened. Rising from the depths of the now timeless dunes, Klik'chak awakened as the guardian of these lands.

Holy Symbol: A half circle of dark gray beneath a black sun half setting with a winding black path leading to the horizon.
Favored Weapon: Kopesh
Worshipers: Nomads, desert dwellers, the Chosen of Sand, the True Chosen, the inhabitants of Deathward, Kreen, those who seek knowledge of the True Afterlife
Avatar: Death
Artifacts: VeilOfSouls Veil of Souls, Quietus
Creations: Amensi, AshenSea Ashen Sea, DeathwardenChanter Deathwarden Chanters, Kreen, Lifestorms
Important Followers: ChosenOfSand Chosen of Sand, Deathward Deathwarden Dwarves, Kreen, TrueChosen True Chosen

Combat: Warrior 12, Caster 36 (Psionic/Arcane)
+-As the creative powers that brought the continent of Xiua into being began to fade, an unexpected thing began to happen. Unbeknownst to Xam, there existed certain crystal lattices within the sands drawn to form the vast Xiuan desert which resonated with his creative forces. As the days passed, the windblown sands began to gather together into an ever growing dune in the center of the barrens, bringing together these crystal fragments. One by one, the crystals met and merged, the divine spark housed within them ever growing. Without warning, the great dune convulsed and shook itself. Like the deities that shaped Playground, it Thought. (click to expand)+-Its thoughts had neither shape nor form, nay, not even words. It was not quite yet even aware that it was aware. Looking around at the endless sands, it recognized them as part of itself but while of the sands, he was still something more. As time marched ever forward, the crystals of the desert were inexorably drawn to this growing divine presence, seeking out that which was of themselves. The more that gathered, the more the urge to find more that which of the same grew. Eventually, enough of the divine spark was gathered together that the material world could no longer support its weight, and the entirety of the now living dune was squeezed out of Playground and into the Void.

Alone and lacking any frame of reference by which to even understand his own existence, the dune felt a moment of rage at being cut off so abruptly from all that it had ever known. It felt rage at being cut off from the remnants of crystal left in the desert, the only things it knew to be like what it was becoming. But as quickly as the rage formed, it fled before curiosity. In the distance of this new place, a presence was felt. Though not exactly that which was the dune, it resonated with a power similar and yet different and drew the dune towards it.

As it drew nearer, it noticed that this being was not of sand, which quite confused the dune. It had never experienced anything but sand and the near nothingness of this new place. Sensing the an unrecognizable divine presense, Cliktith stoped and focused his attention on it, drifting forward, curious as to who the being might be.

"Who, or what, are you? A god? Yes, A god you must be, for no other being may exist in this void. Yet I do not recognize you, and you do not have a particularly... godly appearance. Speak, if you can. I am rather late for a meeting which may be of some import."

With the sounds of gravel and sand twisting and rolling over each other, the dune responded.

"Who... What... God? You... not sand. I... sand... You... sand... same?"

As the sands of the dune twisted about, they formed over closer to a humanoid insect form like that of the being with which they conversed, but lacking the power to maintain such a form, they quickly dispersed into formlessness once more.

"Yes, god. You must be new to this world."

Cliktith moved into a position where it could view the Playground below and beckoned for the dune-god to join him.

"This is the world that the gods control. You, as a god, hold control over some part of it. But you must not go there. You are- we all are- beings of great power. It is too dangerous to the mortals below."

Cliktith gestures to the elves, athiks, lupins and all other manner of mortal beings scurrying about below. He then turns and regards the dune for a long time.

"I really must be leaving now. Do what you will, as I have already said, I am late."

And with that, Cliktith opened a portal to the burning void, stepped through and joined the war council of the gods.

With the departure of Cliktith, the dune began to watch Playground and learned. It sent forth only a few small grains of divine sand into the world to explore and observe, to understand that which is not sand.

"Sand... not sand.... not sand.... sand that is not sand? ... wet sand... Green things, plant things.... Life things... not life thing? dead thing? so much not sand...."

And with this last observation, the dune began to contemplate that which was not of itself.

"So big, this world. So much must I learn." Having observed the world and learned that which he could grasp, the dune began to contemplate its own existence and its place in this world. It began to understand itself and devise for itself a purpose, a reason for being, and upon seeing itself within the frame of this new purpose, the dune knew it was inadequate.

"No, no. Not do, never work. Need more, I do. I become more."

Focusing its divine energy on itself, that which was once little more than a formless haze of animate sand, began to take a shape. Having met no gods apart from Cliktith, nor having discovered any in his exploration of the world, the dune reasoned that this was the natural form for deities and began to form into a shape much like the Swarming One.

"Good, yes, but not best. Athiks strong, but not perfect. Needs something... something of sand..."

With that, the mass of forming sand collapsed back into the dune but quickly began to take on a new shape. Though still patterned after the Athik god, the dune's new shape was taller in stature and stronger of build. Where once there were but two arms, there now sprouted four.

"Name... I need name... Chak.... Kos... Chakʼkik...Klikʼchak... Yes, Klikʼchak."

The sands of Klik'chak finalized into his new insectoid form. A form like and yet unlike the Athiks. A form somehow much more savage. A form of sand. Though maintaining his new form was now simple, taking no conscious effort, Klik'chak was still sand through and through. There was yet nothing, apart from his obvious mobility, to differentiate him from an ornate sand sculpture. At last he was awake, aware, and recognized his surroundings.+-+-
History: Klik'chak is the master of deserts and the lord over the True Afterlife. His followers worship primarily his desert aspect first and his death aspect to a lesser extent. There are a few small death cults throughout the world, though this receive little benefit from Klik'chak as many often worship Eul's undeath aspect as well, a practice which Klik'chak abhors. (click to expand)+-Klik'chak began as only the patron deity of deserts and created the Chosen of Sand to defend his domain. With the invasion of the Haradar dwarves and their befouling city, a war nearly began between the two groups; however, an unofficial cease fire was reached between Klik'chak and Haras as other, more pressing matters arose. The region of Haradi remains almost constantly wracked with intense desert storms which attempt to batter down their defenses and weather them away into the sands.

Klik'chak also had a hand in helping to create Coberal's hammer, Monotok.

Kaern he views as a blood brother, a position of great honor in the Kreen mindset and usually reserved only for immediate family. It is with the aid of Kaern that Klik'chak forged Amensi as the everlasting final home for the souls of the departed and with a powerful artifact, the Veil of Souls, crafted by Coberal, that a portal was created, forever linking Amensi with the mortal world. Against the great darkness of Eul's all consuming maw, Klik'chak became the light of life after death, and death itself was no longer something to view with dread. Though Klik'chak and Eul would come into conflict in the future over the souls of the dead, this was indeed the first great victory against the forces of entropy and undeath.

Shortly after this, Klik'chak began to wander the Void and noticed a strange phenomenon drawing all the sources of arcane magic into itself, growing ever larger and more chaotic. Quickly realizing that this was an embryonic god only half formed, Klik'chak invested some of his own divine energy to help bring the god into being. As it happens, this goddess was the daughter of Teerp, who named herself Teera and assumed her father's mantle as god of magic.

With Teera and four other gods whom Klik'chak considered trustworthy, a great alliance was formed to defend against the foul Invaders from Wasteland who promised to unmake that which had existed since time immemorial. The six gods came together within Amensi and forged the first great pantheon. They were Cliktith the Swarming, Coberal the Iron Maiden, Steadfast Kaern, Klik'chak the Barren Lord, Lossethir the Winter Lord, and Teera, Mistress of the Arcane.

In a sad attempt on the part of certain demigods to fend off the mortal followers of Varr, a war council was called in the Sacred Glade. The Emissary of Sand, Klik'chak's mouthpiece among the Chosen, led a well trained army to the council. Despite their good intentions, little was accomplished, and the Chosen Army began to march off on their own to fight while the others wasted their time. Shortly after their departure, Enigma's mistake, Magnus, led his own army of flameborn to the war council to consume and destroy them all. As they began the slaughter of the meager forces remaining, the Chosen heard the sound of battle and charged back into the fray, forcing the burning army to fight on two fronts. When Fiona, a leader among the flameborn and close friend of the Emissary, was nearly slain by Magnus, the Emissary of Sand led a small group of Chosen to carve their way through the ranks of flameborn to come to her rescue. Finding that Fiona had already been shifted to the Shadow of Playground, alive of grievously wounded, the Emissary caught the demigod off guard and incapacitated him long enough for Coberal, Osric, and Gliss to bring in an army from the Grin and conclude the battle. The Emissary left promptly to tend to Fiona's wounds. Meanwhile, Lossethir had dispatched Varr and send the Invaders back to their home realm. Klik'chak appointed a temporary new general of the Chosen Army and sent them north to mop up any of Varr's remaining forces.

Klik'chak then created the Kreen in his own image to inhabit and protect the deserts of Xiua, the deserts of his own birth. He helped them to forge an alliance with the Athiks, some of which he transplanted to Xiua. Carving a river through the desert and forming a lush floodplain along it then providing plenty of wild game to hunt, Klik'chak enabled the Kreen and Athiks to build a vast empire across nearly half of the continent. It is also within these sands that Klik'chak placed the Deathwarden Dwarves who guard the Veil of Souls.

Klik'chak begot the goddess Asherah to be protector of the deserts so that he could focus his efforts on thwarting the advances of the undead; however, her soul was filled with greed and malice. Asherah claimed the deserts as her birthright and sought to dominate the world, transforming all into desert. To prevent this, Klik'chak bound her to the Material Plane and created a nearly impassible sea of ash and silt around her island prison to prevent her evil from spreading. He then raised the Emissary of Sand to godhood to serve where Asherah had failed; however, the Emissary's heart now lies with Fiona, and he completes his tasks for Klik'chak and the others of the pantheon only begrudgingly. Klik'chak then created a method for the souls of the dead to remain in the world of the living after death, at least for a time, and created a method of reincarnation for souls who sought to return to life once more.

In battle, he wields Quietus, a Khopesh capable of parting the veil between life and death.

Klik'chak was born of the sands of Playground apart from the actions of any god, and, as a result, holds no god in regard above himself unless said god has earned his respect. He respects Kaern above all others, believing him to be a true brother. Clitktith and Coberal are viewed by him as siblings, though family, they are only slightly closer than friends. Lossethir is seen as a kindred spirit but viewed as a troublesome younger brother. Teera is held in high trust but maintains a distance of friendship.

Among the other gods, only Xiua'hi has earned Klik'chak's respect. Though Enigma and Albatrix hold some respect as well, Klik'chak has had little interaction with them and has not developed bonds of trust with them. Elimanishon is viewed with respect, as it is he who has done the most to expand Klik'chak's desert domain, but Klik'chak does not trust him any more than he would any other non-family. Eul, however, is held with eternal enmity, and Klik'chak has vowed to fight against him and his minions at every turn. Haras is seen as an annoyance and as a disrespectful whelp that who has furthered Klik'chak's anger with him by making a dark bargain with Eul and the undead. The deities of chaos and madness are seen as troublemakers that will need to be reigned in, but he gives them time to repent of their ways before final judgment is leveled upon them. The remaining gods are mostly ignored or simply unknown by Klik'chak, having little or no contact with them or their followers. He is aware of their existence but has had no reason to interact with them.

Klik'chak rarely seeks out those he does not consider his family, though is more due to his clutch oriented mindset rather than anything else. It simply does not enter into his mind to seek someone not of his clutch first. Though he is not particularly sociable, he is more than happy to make time for any who seek him out, regardless of rank of station. The only ones who he will meet with hostility are those he has sworn as enemies. He speaks primarily in Kreen, though he prefers the more tribal dialect of the Thri-kreen to the more civilized Tohr-kreen, as he finds the 'godspeak' of the other deities to be tiresome and difficult to pronounce. While he generally is calm and somewhat emotionally cold, at least by non-Kreen standards, he can fly into a raging storm at the slightest wind, much like the deserts of which he is born. He prefers to think first and act later, often laying out great plans which he takes years to accomplish and enacting them only when he knows he can produce the desired effects flawlessly.

Klik'chak generaly appears as a large Kreen composed entirely of animated sand. He wears very light armor, which is purely ornamental, composed of the same sands. Quietus is almost always strapped to his back where it can be drawn quickly should the need arise.+-
Dogma: Worshipers of Klik'chak follow a doctrine of preservation. They seek to preserve all things as they are, unchanged through the millennia. In the case of the Chosen of Sand, the goal is to preserve all deserts in a pristine and untainted state. For Klik'chak's Kreen worshipers, the ultimate goal is to preserve the Kreen-ness of their own existence. The clutch and, by extension, the Kreen nation become the single most important things in a Kreen's life. The followers of Klik'chak are a resolute, unchangeable group, destesting all things that fall outside the natural order of things. As such, all followers of Klik'chak detest undead, and clerics who follow him must select to turn undead rather than command them.

Clergy: The priests of Klik'chak do not have a typical hierarchy. Many priests, particularly among the Chosen are druids or rangers rather than clerics; however, the high priest among the Chosen is always a cleric and is known as the Emissary of Sand. Among the Chosen, only one temple exists, located in the far southern deserts of Ramua. This Temple of Sand is an elaborate structure, almost to the point of being a small palace, carved into the living rock of a deep gorge. Among the Kreen of Xiua, priests of Klik'chak are known as ik'chtik and have a very strict clerical order with varied ranks and responsibilities. There is a great temple built in each major Kreen city, with the largest and most important in Da'luk. These temples are generally built of sandstone and marble and inlaid with hieroglyphs of electrum and orichalcum. The Kreen also have a tradition of ancestor worship, so smaller temples honoring past rulers and great heroes tend to be built into expansive temple complexes around the main temple to Klik'chak.

Avatar of Death
Avatar: Death, an enigmatic figure wrapped in the shrouds of the grave. A black, featureless being, though probably male, walks the world to claim the souls of those who would evade a natural end to life. His hands, the only part of his body ever visible, are pale and dessicated, as if the ages of the world have set upon them. Though apparently weak with age, these hands have a supernatural strength to them and a grip which can not be easily broken.

Death carries a censer, shaped like a lantern, from which a thick greenish smoke slowly oozes. This censer is known as the Censer of the End and makes up half of the artifact LightsOfEternity the Lights of Eternity. He also carries a great scythe, with which he harvests the souls of the recalcitrant.

One does not make deals with Death. There are no games of chance. When Death calls, you go willingly or you go fighting against your fate. There is no escape.

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