Kuo-Toa of the Playground function exactly as those stated on page 163 of the MM save what has changed here.

Kuo-Toa are wicked, spiteful beings of the water, created by Xiua'hi as judgment on the mortal world for forgetting his sister Nerius. They stand roughly 5 foot, 6 inches tall, with white underbellies and gray to brown molted skin. They are thin, almost eel like, with broad heads and a mouth full of sharp teeth. They poses a tail much like a shark eel of which they were originally made from.

Stat Changes
Adhesive and slippery have been removed. They instead poses a +2 natural armor, and deal 1d4 points of piercing damage to any striking with a natural weapon.
Kuo-toa no longer gain a +8 on escape artist checks, now they gain a +8 on hide checks.
Light Blindness: Kuo-Toa now do not suffer from Night Blindness.
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