Title(s):the Monster
Home Plane:The Labyrinth
Power Level:Lesser God (DR 8)
Class:Sorcerer 20/Druid 12
Alignment:True Neutral
Portfolio:Monsters, Creation
Domains:Bestial, Creation, Indifference
Begotten By:[[Gliss]] and [[Dalam]]
Played by Vadin

Brief Description: Labyrinth is the god of monsters. He creates them, speaks with them, and commands them. He does not demand their worship, though the beasts reviled by society are wise to pay him reverence, as he often graces them with his power. He is also a god of worthiness, however, and will only aid monsters who truly deserve his help. Labyrinth still tests all adventurers who enter, still pushing them within an inch of their lives regardless of how strong they actually are.

Holy Symbol: A perfect pyramid
Favored Weapon: Unarmed
Worshipers: Monsters
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: Beastborn, Otyughs, Harpies, Girallions, Athachs, Ankhegs, Ravids
Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Arcane 20, Divine 12

The Labyrinth

It stands alone on an island in the Grin, ready and waiting for all who would enter. It challenges them to their very limits, only allowing back out those who have proven themselves greater than when they entered.

When a group enters, the Labyrinth watches them. It observes every detail, takes note of every movement, and records every unnoticed mannerism. It assesses adventurers' strengths and responds accordingly, changing itself to build them a realm where their skills will be tested and their successes earned. The Labyrinth does not always construct dungeons for the challengers. Occasionally it will place them in forests, caves, underwater, or even in Centia, the middle of the Labyrinth, home to many of the sentient races who dwell within its thinking walls. Sometimes, of course, beings from the Centia challenge the Labyrinth themselves, fighting desperately for a way out and onto the material plane.

The Labyrinth Traits

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