Title(s):the Liberator
Home Plane:Ruins of the City in the Southern Mountains on the continent of Ramua in between the Sunfire Hearth and The Sacred Glade
Power Level:Caste Title(DR 1, Evo 0, Lvl+ 0)
Class:Fighter 10/Wizard 8
Alignment:Lawful Good
Domains:Liberation, Good
Begotten By:Xiua’Hi
Played by Arkaim

Lindorn appears as a dwarf. Lindorn seeks to free sentient beings from the oppression of others and give sentient beings a society where they can work towards their own destiny.

For nations, he seeks to bring them autonomy. To rid them the restraints or obligations an oppressing nation may have forced on them.

For the individual sentient beings, he seeks to give them the power to work towards their own destinies. He wants them to have the freedom to choose what they want to do as long as it does not harm the liberties of another sentient being. To be able to live life the way they want to. Even if it ends up harming them in the long run. To never be forced into any contract they did not agree to be bound by. To not be obligated to do anything even if participation may further some "greater good".

Lindorn has no time for the lazy. He encourages people to work hard and learn to defend themselves. That way, when tyranny comes a knocking, there will be a sword behind every blade of grass waiting to greet them. A populace that can fight, is a populace that can not be coerced.

To totalitarian societies and alliances formed for the greater good, he may seem chaotic good at best. But, Lindorn knows better. The only truly lawful good society is a society where the individuals hold their fate in their own hands.

Holy Symbol: Sword with a blazing blade
Favored Weapon: Sword (+1 longsword)
Worshipers: N/A
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: Blade
Creations: N/A
Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Fighter 10, Wizard 8
- Hatred for Oppression {H} - Divine Combat Modifier description. This is a Hatred ability.

Lindorn came into being when Coberal dropped the tooth that Xiua'Hi pulled out of his mouth and gave to her into the Cauldron which is in the ocean between Ramua and GodForge.

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