Lodge Luminous

Most cities around the world have a guildhall for the Lodge Luminous, where those able to wield the unseen powers of the mind congregate. This organization builds their strongholds in the hearts of those cities. No lodge is ever constructed from anything other than stone, such as marble, basalt, or granite. The lodges are distinctively built, with wide, high facades and are clean and windowless. Each has but a single entrance, plain but for a centered symbol of the lodge: a stylized heart tiled in obsidian.

Philosophy: Luminary philosophy holds that all psionic power is derived from the Psychic Heart, a font of energy that exists in the soul of every living creature. According to the beliefs of the lodge, psionic energy is the most potent of all forces when properly schooled and allowed to flower, stronger even than the powers of any god.

Guild Lore:
   DC 10 - Most lodge members join merely to associate with others of like mind and to delve deeper in to their "Psychic Heart." A DC 10 check also reveals the guild's philosophy if the character did not already know it.

   DC 15 - Though the facade of being merely an academic organization based on the improvement of psionic powers holds strong, there seems to be almost an urgency in find the strongest, purest psychics and refine them, becoming ever stronger.

   DC 20 - The inner circle of the Lodge Luminous seeks to find the One Mind - the person whose psionic power flows without distortion from the Psychic Heart. Going by vague, ancient prophecies, the circle believes that when the One Mind appears and transforms into something called the God Mind, the world also will "move on" into a new phase. The luminaries do not truly know whether this new phase is good or bad; however, they feel it is best to be prepared.

   DC 40 - What even the inner circle does not know is that Teera, who secretly founded the guild long ago, created the prophecies to guide the members towards her own goals. In constantly seeking out the strongest minds and seeking to improve their own powers, they take great personal risks to unlock ever stronger powers of the mind, which Teera then appropriates for herself. This in turn protects her from the dangers inherent in cutting edge psionic experimentation. The One Mind may or may not one day exist, but for now, all who seek the powers of the "Psychic Heart" only serve to increase Teera's personal power.

Leadership: Each individual lodge house is governed by three members, collectively called a Triad. The overall organization is in turn governed by a Grand Triad who live within the largest lodge, called the Heart Lodge.

Symbol: A black heart on a white background.

Size: Expansive. The Lodge Luminous has several guild houses in a number of large communities where members can rest and relax.

Associated Classes: Any psionic class, though leaders tend to be Erudites.

Dues: When first joining the Lodge Luminous, you must pay a one-time fee of 100 gp, followed by monthly dues of 25 gp. Failure to pay dues on time is cause for concern, but as long as you pay the 25 gp before the next dues are expected, nothing lasting comes of it. Failure to pay dues twice in a row brings instant expulsion from the lodge.

General Benefits: A member of the Lodge Luminous is guaranteed a safe place to sleep and eat while in the vicinity of a guild house. Other Lodge Luminous members are likely to respond positively to your questions. The initial attitude of a fellow luminary is always one step closer to helpful from his normal starting attitude (see Influencing NPC Attitude, PHB 72).
Luminaries help their own. If you make a Diplomacy or Gather Information check while talking to a fellow lodge member, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on the check.
If you fall on desperate times, you can petition the lodge for aid. Doing so requires a Diplomacy check, modified by a cumulative -2 penalty for each previous call for aid you have made. Typically, members who request aid want a monetary loan. If you don't pay back the loan withing the agreed-upon time (usually one month), you are expelled from the guild and the loan is absolved.
Finally, all members of the Lodge Luminous gain a useful contact within the lodge (see below).

Associated Skills: Autohypnosis, Concentration, Knowledge (psionics), Psicraft, Use Psionic Device.

Favored in Guild Feat Benefit: The Lodge Luminous subsidizes you monetary expenses when you create psionic items, reducing your raw material costs by 5%.

Sample Contact: Ialdabode, 5th-level psion (telepath). As a contact within the guild, Ialdabode is friendly to you. Once per month, he'll use read thoughts on any person or creatures brought to the lodge as a favor to you at no charge.
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