Title(s):The Winter Lord, The White Spy
Home Plane:The Void
Power Level:Lesser Deity (DR 16)
Class:Rogue 8 / Sorcerer 10 / Fighter 12 / Tempest 5 / Arcane Trickster 10 / Battle Trickster 3 / Uncanny Trickster 2
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio:Winter, Battle, Victory, Air, Sky
Domains:Winter, Air, Chaos, Sky, Strength, Wrath
Begotten By:Coalesced from remnant divine power, the son of Ramus and Nesius
Begot:The Valkyries, Khakom
Played by NefarionXid Nefarion Xid

Lossethir's nature exists at two extremes. One one hand, he is an expert courtier, and he always employs extreme tact in dealing with the other gods. He knows his place in the Pantheon and bows low...and often, even to deities of inferior power and presence. Flattery, temptation and apparent obedience are his favorite tools. He is arrogant, though, and considers himself to be the most cunning god...though he would never share this opinion. He relishes new information and unabashedly engages in eavesdropping. On the other hand, he is a wild and primal spirit. He races across the land, swift as a gale, speeds up the highest mountains and plumbs the deepest depths of the ocean...and once there, he may spend many mortal months in quiet contemplation. He has no love of conflict, but in battle he is a merciless fury of nature and strikes suddenly at his enemies, preferring to catch them unawares and slay them with a single blow from his icy lance.

Holy Symbol: A swirling white cloak on a blue disk with a black border
Favored Weapon: Greatspear
Worshipers: Those living in arctic and taiga regions, Warlords, Duelists
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: RathtackTheGodlance Rathtack the Godlance (C), Shivering Belt (C), Cloudtool (C)(borrowed)
Creations: The Spire of the Winter Lord, The Icewrack, The Godlance, The Valkyries, Khakom
Important Followers: Jaina - Elven evoker

Combat: Caster 20, Striker 8, Warrior 22

History: Lossethir (loh-seth-ear) is the patron deity of all who dwell in the coldest reaches of the world. The High Dwarves and Winterborn Capsin of northern Ramua revere him above all other gods, as do the nomadic Sylph and Asperi. Warlords, warriors and duelists ask him for courage and luck. And all raise a glass to him as the winter months approach, and again on Lossethalia, the solstice and the end of the year. The week beginning on the day of the new year is celebrated with feasting and sporting games, both as a respite from the cold and to commemorate Lossethir’s victory over the invader Varr.

After a month long armistice, Xiua’Hi stood ready to duel Varr to determine the course of the ensuing war. The Earth Lord, in jest (if Xiua’Hi has the capacity for jesting), offered that the young and brash Lossethir take his stead in the duel. To everyone’s surprise, Lossethir agreed on the condition that Xiua’Hi would relinquish possession of the Cloud tool (an artifact that had belonged to Ramus, the father of Lossethir), at least to aid him in battle. But, he was cunning and had prepared well to fight the alien gods and had armed himself with a number of helpful artifacts. He defeated Varr handily by plucking out his eye, and without so much as a scratch to his person. The eye was cast from the heavens and the tears flowing from it became the icy ring that orbit’s the planet, and later Celonechor, the realm of the Winter Lord. Varr and most of his kin retreated to whence they came. Lossethir was greatly lauded for his victory and granted dominion over all battles.

In battle, he wields the terrible Godlance, an enormous barbed adamantine spear containing the perpetually enraged spirits of elemental air. The proper name of the Godlance is well known amongst Lossethir’s worshipers, but many dare not speak it out of reverence and fear. It was the first of the great weapons forged and it abides by no master save one. An icy chill pervades the air for miles around the spear.

About his waist is the broad mithral Belt of the Mountain Lord (also known as the Shivering Belt), which greatly amplifies Lossethir’s already tremendous strength. Seldom does this artifact pass into mortal hands, but any to attain it is sure to be immortalized in legend for their prowess in battle.

Lossethir is the son of Ramus (the departed Sky Lord and first master of the Air) and Nesius (the deceased Ocean spirit); one of many elemental spirits born in the far reaches of the world. Over the ages, through violence and guile, Lossethir ascended to deific status by consuming many of his siblings and claiming dominion over the power of Frost.

For a long time, he hid away from the world, fearful of the older, more powerful gods. He spent the years learning all he could about the world by listening to the winds. Finally, when he was confident of his power, he ventured out into the world and took his place among his kin.

He respects Xam and Xiua’Hi as his elders, though does not think them wise. He keeps his distance with Enigma, he still can’t be sure the ancient lord of fire is quite rational. He has no tolerance for the deities of elemental chaos or madness and does not withstand their presence; he reviles Purameth and hates the Destroyer above all others. Elimanishon is treated with courtesy, since he feels he at least can understand the Sun god’s motivations and knows him not to be a threat to the Playground. Lossethir, as a primal creation of the world itself, seeks foremost to preserve the natural order of things; the elements must remain in balance. Dalam, he considers a loathsome, but trivial thing; though he hates the Va’Tari who worship her and seeks to wipe them from the earth. He enjoys the company of Gliss, his counterpart as god of Summer. And he works well with the other members of his Pantheon (notably Klik’chak, Kaern, Teera and Coberal), all sensible deities with who work towards similar ends. Klik’chak originally sought Lossethir out for membership, wanting the perspective an aid of a wily trickster and avid combatant.

His daughters are the seventeen Valkyries and his son, Khakom, god of Storms. All of his children are accidental creations and none of them are as obedient as he should like (with the possible exception of Helen and Phoebe, who are often seen attending him). He loves the Valkyries very much and they return the affection, though they are all prone to insubordination or open rebellion at times. If offended, it is not unusual for a Valkyrie to work contrary to the goals of her sisters or her father. Khakom, his youngest but by far the most powerful, has yet to win much esteem or affection. Lossethir fears him too wild and violent, and seeks to refine him before investing confidence. He has an unsettling way of knowing things he ought not, though he prudently reveals little. His spies are everywhere, the intelligent Ethiri ravens serve him as do the mist elementals. His priests go so far as to boast the he hears everything spoken on the wind.

Lossethir is generally soft-spoken, but is prone to (generally) good natured, but cutting heckling. He bows sincerely to almost all the gods, regardless of their rank or age and always addresses his elders with proper honors. He is wise and cunning, perceptive and particularly good at deciphering someone’s intentions and motivations. He himself is not above trickery or deception to get what he wants. But, he prefers to use his silver tongue and honeyed words when he can and where simple logical pleas fail. He is quiet and refined and always conducts himself in a demeanor befitting a noble lord.

Lossethir appears as a white haired elven man with broad shoulders and strong arms. His wavy hair is tied back neatly in a short pony tail and is adorned with several blue feathers in honor to his deceased father. He has emerald green eyes and a decidedly pale, though not unearthly white complexion. He dresses in a dark blue coat trimmed with white fur, or a floating white hooded cloak.

Dogma: Worshipers of Lossethir seek civility and quiet refinement in all things. They are not above deceit, trickery or violence, but always consider the manner in which they conduct themselves to be the most important thing. To give oneself over to blind emotions is to lose oneself. Seek wisdom in reason first. After identifying your goals, preserve dignity in yourself and others to achieve them. Followers of the Winter Lord have no battle cries; indeed they are notorious for fighting without a sound. They drink to the point of intoxication regularly, but have the good sense to never imbibe so much they sicken themselves. They unabashedly gamble and carouse, but always know to quit when they’re ahead. Moderation in all things, and occasionally in moderation itself. Rely on yourself foremost, do not give your trust too freely. Acknowledge what is beyond your power to change. Seek to understand your place in the world, but strive to better yourself through wealth of knowledge and gold, but always preserve dignity.

Clergy and Temples: Clerics of Lossethir are called Frostwards and pray for spells at midnight. His temples are gorgeous white palatial structures that always incorporate fountains and other water features and ice sculptures present if the weather permits - it is often below freezing within his temples anyway, either due to the climate or the rituals of the priests. Shrines honoring the Valkyries and Gliss are held within Lossethir’s temples. When paying homage to the Winter Lord, people often spare a word for Gliss and hope for a bountiful summer.

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