"I know nothing. I am nothing. Nothing but a bad dream." ~Atrocity

The manicborn are awakened passions that usually run amok in the Playground. Each embodies a specific principle or way of life and will either try to further that idea or simply try to live as best it can.

Manicborn Statistics

The manicborn template can be applied to any living, sentient creature.

Size and Type: Size remains unchanged. Type becomes Outsider (Chaotic).

Hit Dice: A manicborn creature has virtual hitdice; it cannot make any creature of greater HD into a host. All references to HD below refer to these virtual HD.

Armor Class: Gains a +1 inherent bonus to AC and an additional +1 per 4 virtual HD.

Bonus Feats: A manicborn has one bonus feat plus one more per 4 virtual levels; any prerequisites must be fulfilled within this group (to gain Diehard, it must have Endurance as well). The base creature has access to all these feats.

Special Qualities:
Symbiosis (Su): A manicborn has the ability to take over another creature's physical form for its own purposes (this works like magic jar, with the host as the receptacle). When its host is slain by another, the attacker must succeed on a DC 10 + virtual HD Will save or become a new host for the manicborn. If the save is successful or the attacker is beyond 30 feet, the manicborn dies as well. Barring unnatural circumstances, a host will age at one-tenth the normal rate and survive almost indefinitely. A manicborn can suspend or resume control of the host as a swift action.

Telepathy (Su), with the host, at will

Bend Form (Su): A manicborn shapes reality around its host to provide a more suitable look. A DC 20 Spot check or true seeing can identify the host or recognize a particular motif in the spirit's guise that it might share between each host, but for all intents and purposes this self image is actuality. It provides no mechanical advantage.

Paraphernalia (Su): A manicborn is created with a specific repository of items that are important to it; these items occupy an extra-dimensional space and can be taken out as a move action. As it moves between hosts, this space is always available.

Immune to polymorph and mind-affecting effects.

Charisma +2, Wisdom -2

+4 to any two skills relevant to the manicborn's ideology
Always chaotic

CR Adjustment:
+2 (+1 per four virtual HD)
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