Created by Sombrius

The Maus are a small rodent race created by Sombrius to help her in her great library.

Personality: Maus are typically skittish and reclusive, much preferring to curl up with a good book than much of anything else. The only thing that really excites a Maus is the discovery of some new piece of knowledge, the more esoteric and elusive, the better. Maus tend to be quite curious, often getting themselves into trouble.

Physical Description: Maus are mouse like creatures the size of a halfling. They walk on their hind legs, and the feet on their front legs have been adapted into very human-like hands. They tend to have dark brown or black fur, though tan isn't too uncommon. White Maus are born only once or twice in each generation, and they are seen as favored by Sombrius.

Relations: The Maus generally keep to themselves in their libraries, though they have a library in almost every major city across Playground, even one in the Dead Wastes of Ramua. Maus tend to have good relations with most races, particularly the Capsin, who share their curiosity. They tend to avoid the Kreen, fearing being eaten, though most Kreen think a Maus too small to make more than a light snack. They have tenuous relations with the undead of Vargahad, having entered into an agreement to help maintain and expand the necromantic library in exchange for being able to study the books it contains.

Alignment: Maus tend to be neutrally aligned.

Maus Lands: Maus have no homeland, though each library the Maus maintain is a small city in itself, and the Maus will fight to the death to protect their precious books.

Religion: Most Maus worship Sombrius exclusively, though many who love arcane wisdom also worship her sister Teera.

Language: Maus speak Common and excitedly learn as many languages as they can so that they can study anything they find.

Maus Names: Maus tend to choose names of names of some historical importance, though these can be almost anything.

Adventurers: Maus adventure only to gain new knowledge or to recover lost tomes of wisdom. They would much prefer to sit at home with a good book, a hot cup of cider, and fine pipe weed.

Maus Racial Traits
Maus possess the following traits

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