The Meatfruit is almost perfectly round with a red rind blotched with dark blue and magenta. The inside of the fruit is the color of medium-rare beef, and the different varieties have the flavors of different kinds of meat. Most varieties exist in both seed bearing and seedless forms, in the seed baring forms the seed is a single black pip in the center of the fruit. A meatfruit tree will only grow in an area of perpetual twilight, standing a little over six feet and resembling something of a palm tree with long, hanging vines rather than leaves. Dangling just above the ground grow the yellow flowers which eventually become meatfruit.

Meatfruit will keep for two or three years without rotting, provided the rind is not broken, making it a superb travel food and is often stored up against famine. Once the rind is broken, a meatfruit will spoil and become inedible within 1d3 hours.
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