Discovered by Caina

Caina fought her way to the heart of Labyrinth and found the city of Centria. There she discovered the Minotaurs, and she brought two hundred of them to the Grin before returning to the Labyrinth to see what other secrets it held.

Personality: Minotaurs are noble and brave, rarely asking for help unless it is direly needed but never refusing to accept when it is offered. They try as hard as possible to fight for what they believe in but aren’t unwilling to change opinion in the face of new insights.

Physical Description: Minotaurs stand over 7 feet tall and have the legs and waist of a bull, a large, furred, and powerful dwarven torso, and a massive pair of horns protruding from their bovine like head.

Relations: Minotaurs have learned to get along well with other races, though they get along best with the individual with whom they personally adventure. Minotaurs care little for trade or other relationships.

Alignment: Usually chaotic good or neutral.

Minotaur Lands: The Grin

Religion: The Minotaurs, as a rule, pay some respects to Caina the Savior on a regular basis, though how often that is varies from Minotaur to Minotaur. Some pray to her daily, some sacrifice on the second full moon in a month, and others sing her praises on the vernal equinox of every year.

Language: Minotaurs speak Common and have no racial language.

Names: Hexafara, Toutrelding, Excalicka. Minotaur names typically Consist of four disctinct sounds separated by vowel sounds.

Adventurers: Most Minotaurs become adventurers, finding the Playground much more forgiving than their ancestral homeland the Labyrinth, though most will make an attempt to reach their ancient city again in the hopes of bringing back a few more Minotaurs to the Grin.

Minotaur Racial Traits

Minotaurs have the following racial traits.

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