On the other side of Playground lies a land shrouded in eternal fog and mist. This mist is warm and all pervasive, breathed by the great dragon god Chochin. Several large islands puncture the ever present blanket, these islands are known as Eik, Kelda and Sonamu. Each with it's own unique landscape, and populated with a uique society. Zarier, Icthye, Chiro and Duine populate Noetrelding in relative isolation allowing them to row in a rather stable society and culture devoid of heavy godly meddling. Iron and other metals are in short supply in Noetrelding, and as such are highly valued by the Zarier as trade goods. This has resulted in a unique economy and has caused Notrelding to have to compensate in many ways. From using weapons without wood to coming up with natural and alchemical substitutes for strong materials. Pirates and mercenary ships are common in the seas' due to the necessity for trade between the island chains. Very few islands have the right resources to live on their own and require materials from different islands. Large trade structures exist, that transport wealth constantly. With many of the races naturally akin to the water and travelling this works out very well, however as stated, where there is trade, there is going to criminal activity.

Day and Night in Noetrelding

Unlike the rest of Playground, Noetrelding has the unique feature that all its light sources from from living, breathing entities or from mortal made light sources such as torch’s or lanterns. Lightning bugs and luminescent fish are common in Noetrelding, shining light year round. While no actual “night” exists, the passage of Chochin in the sky marks high and low points in the density of the ever present fog. Day is often referred to as Low Fog, while night is referred to as High Mist. Snow is plentiful high in the mountains and in the farther reach’s of the chain.

The islands of Eik are winter draped taiga lands, punctuated by mountains and partially frozen lakes and rivers. The Duine are in complete control of the icy reach’s of Eik, building long houses out of the ever present pine forests. The Duine are set up into a clan system, each controlling one of the four islands of the Eik chain. Each is led by a Mystic, who uses the natural earth magic to govern and divine the future for their meager annual crops. The fog around the Eik chain is a thick and clinging icy blanket that covers all surfaces with a slick rime.

Kelda is the middle grounds of the Noetrelding island chain. As the most temperate of the four islands, it is used primarily as the Zarier base of operation, containing a large city simply known as Meeting. Meeting sprawls across the four corners of the main islands of the Kelda chain, with large junk communities based in the rivers that separate the 4 parts of the city. As such, ship’s are often docked in one of the sub-sets of the city, almost year round. The top most island experiences harsh cold winters, though snowfall tends to be light throughout the season. The central islands have rather mild weather, with seasonal monsoon’s in both the spring and fall seasons. The bottom most island is surrounded by a giant mangrove swamp, its interior having rainfall near year round, and is inhabited mostly by exiles of Meeting and pirate gangs. The mists around the Kelda chain function much like fog, hanging low to the ground in the morning and evaporating in the day, clinging to the tops of the mountains.

Sonamu is the lowest set of islands in the Noetrelding island chain. While the top most part of the chain is still moderately temperate, the rest of the island chain is tropical. Sandy beachs and coral reefs punctuate the islands of Sonamu. The Icthye make this region their home, creating small villages on the beach’s of the many islands. The majority of each island, like much of the other chains, are mountainous covered in thick forests. Rainfall is common in the Sonamu chain, and rivers from deep in the mountains feed into the sea. The mist around Sonamu is light and is almost unnoticeable save for mid day. Sonamu also boasts the largest population of luminescent fish, giving the whole chain an almost shimmering glow through out the day.
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