Played by: Lord_Asmodeus


Titles: Bloody Grin, Heart Snatcher, Pain Monger
Home Plane: Abyss The Abyss
Power Level: DR6, Lesser God
Class: Hexblade 16/Spellthief 12
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Sadism
Domains: Pain, Evil
Begotten By: TheDestroyer The Destroyer
Begot: Raliak Raliak
Oni was born of the stuff of the Abyss. He was created when The Destroyer, in his efforts to create more destruction and pain, used the constant fall of demonic blood that stained the ground of the Abyss, and drew it upward into the form of a creature unlike any other, he then gifted this creation with life, and it became Oni.

Holy Symbol: A grinning mouth with blood-red teeth and two large tusks and two fangs that bend outwards rather than inwards.
Favored Weapon: Flail
Worshipers: N/A
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: N/A
Important Followers: N/A

Oni is a heartless monster. He loves to kill and to cause pain, and rightfully earned the title Bloody Grin by developing a habit of biting people. Oni is an evil creature and only wishes to spread pain. He loves pain of all kinds, but particularly non-fatal damage, as it prolongs pain, and he is especially fond of stomach wounds as they cause the slowest deaths. His servants are generally cruel and capricious creatures, they are more often than not masochists as well as sadists.

Oni himself is a rather mirthful fellow, his face is constantly plastered with a grin, and he always seems happy and upbeat. This is because there is always pain in the world and he takes great joy in that. His grin rarely, if ever, wavers, and it's hard to phase him. Though he does not wish to die, Oni isn't particularly bothered by the concept, save that he would find it "annoying" or "bothersome".

He prefers the from of a large humanoid with a shaggy white or black mane, black eyes with orange irises and pupils like those of a cat or other predatory animal. Like his symbol his teeth are covered in blood and his fangs and tusks jut outwards. He is generally very tall but not particularly large, looking strong and fit, he has abnormally long arms and legs, that end in long claw-nailed fingers, and he has large feet like an ape but with claws, and he has cloudy-gray skin, or bark brown skin, he usually wears leather or fur clothing from a predator, usually a match for his eyes, on his lower body, but he almost always keeps his upper body exposed, and hunches forward.
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