The Order of the Shattered Lexicon

The Order of the Shattered Lexicon is a church dedicated to the continued worship of the elder gods and their children. While they are peaceful to most walks of life they fight against all evil gods with a hardened battle mentality born out of the harsh mountains and cold winters they must endure. The Central Cathedral of the Order houses the holy book, known as the Shattered Lexicon, and a statue of each god that they worship in a circle, almost as if guarding the book. Each is an advanced Stone Golem of immense power, and some speak they have special powers that a typical golem does not.

Members of the Order are raised from birth or a young age, and both women and men are widely excepted into their ranks. The Order is also highly structured and maintains a rather strict and set way of life, ordering sects by God and Worship. Their holy symbol is a simple book, fractured in multiple places, falling away from one another.

Sects of the Order: While the order maintains a rather large fortress monastery it is run by several administrations, and kept safe by several
The Administrum: The Administrum holds to the tenets of upheld promises, the solid nature of the land,

The Seekers: The Seekers pray directly to the Fire God Enigma for his knowledge and aid. They fill a role vital to the Order of the Shattered Lexicon, spreading the words of the old gods and old ways, while learning and returning with advances in medicine, art, and weaponry. They are marked by red robes and often times flaming battle axe’s. They also act as the inquisition of the Order, slaying all non-believers of the old gods.

The Septum Rose: The Septum Rose is the military arm of the Order, being made up of individual groups of warriors known as Cadre’s. Each Cadre has a single leader, often times the oldest of the pervious Cadre, who imparts his knowledge to younger members, while acting as a surrogate mother or father figure. Each Cadre has a unique mark to display which Cadre they are in, and occupy a large cathedral like building on the Orders grounds. Lossither is the primary god that is worshiped in the Septum Rose.

Affliction Draconis: The Affliction Draconis reveres the darker aspects of the Order’s pantheon, their ancient rage and the power that stems directly from such dark powers. The Affliction Draconis acts as the assassins, spies and rabble rousers in lands that do not hold to the tenets of the order. The Affliction holds several special Cadres within their ranks which are the single best trained units of the Order, using weapons and powers branded heretical by the rest of the Order.
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