Title(s):the Redeemer
Home Plane:The Playground
Power Level:Demigod(DR 2)
Class:Paladin 20
Alignment:Lawful Good
Portfolio:Heroism, Protection
Domains:Hero, Courage, Nobility
Begotten By:Kaern

The Redeemer
Played by Tsuuga

Osric looks like a tall, handsome, muscular human; with blond hair and flashing green eyes. He cares about life and the individual. He believes in protecting those who can't protect themselves.

He created a fortified cathedral in the southern mountains of Ramua where he founded the first school for training paladins. It is from here that he led the powerful, if small, Army of the Truth against the Flameborn armies of Magnus. The cathedral now is more of a political center, organizing and administering the various paladin training facilities across the world, though it does still train a few of the most promising students. Osric has little to do with the organization, having his focus drawn elsewhere.

Many years ago, Osric heard tale of a virtuous maiden who had been imprisoned deep within a fortress on a barren isle in the middle of a treacherous, dry sea of silt and ash. Exactly who or what had imprisoned her to that accursed fate was unknown, though there were many divergent tales which claimed to be the truth. Many had been drawn to their deaths in seeking to free this maid named Eryllin, though all had failed. In a moment of pride, Osric swore before Gliss and Coberal, his closest friends and allies, as well as his father Kaern that he would free this maiden and claim her hand, if she would have him. His pride would be his downfall, though he would never know he had ever fallen.

Mounted atop his faithful dragon, together they overcame all odds, nearly coming to their own ends, until, at last, Osric stood before the beauteous 'Eryllin,' who in truth was the dark goddess Asherah. As Osric knelt before her as her champion, she stole his very heart. The enchantments that Asherah herself had placed on the isle were dismissed, and before Osric opened up a luxurious palatial garden. Enticed to stay and rule the the kingdom as its benevolent king, Osric unwittingly serves at Asherah's every beck and call, honestly believing himself to be wed to the virtuous Eryllin. Asherah secretly runs the kingdom behind Osric's back while occasionally sending him off on daring adventures to gain fame and win honor for her but mostly just to keep him out of the way. Despite her greedy nature, she does have some feelings for Osric, though they remain deeply buried. Osric himself is deeply in love with her and would do anything she asked of him, so long as it does not violate his paladin's oath.

Holy Symbol: Three drops of blood in a sunburst
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Worshipers: None, yet
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: Archons, Paladin Paladins, Crusader Crusaders
Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Warrior 20
Kaern was once a cold, rational and wholly emotionless deity. In an attempt to understand the emotions of others, he carved out a cavity within his own body and fashioned fleshy organs to fill it. Finding the emotions nearly overwhelming and the feeling of soft, meaty things within him to be revolting, Kaern slashed open his own gut, spilling his new organs upon the floor. As he closed up his wound, he noticed that the expunged flesh still pulsed with life, having absorbed some of his own divinity while implanted. Loathe to simply kill a part of himself, Kaern fashioned the flesh into a son, naming him Osric.

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