Title(s): Mad Thing, Unbound
Home Plane:Unnamed
Power Level:Caste Title(DR #6, Evo #2, Lvl+ 0)
Class:Wizard 8/Alientist 10/Fleshwarper 10
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Domains:Madness, Chaos
Begotten By:No one

Brief description: Purgameth is a mass of twisting tentacles, each one tipped with the screaming head of madman. It's body twists and moves in an impossible way, and to gaze upon it is to gaze upon chaos and insanity itself. Blood continues to pour out of his body, covering it's macabre form in blood of madness.

Holy Symbol: An Open Door
Favored Weapon: Tentacles (Natural Weapons)
Worshipers: Madmen, Slaves seeking freedom, people of chaotic alinment.
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: Plane: Unnamed
Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Wizard 28


Purgameth was born from the internal madness and corruption that resides in the mind of every creature on the material plane, Upon Purgameth's birth, reality itself set out to remove the breach in sanity. A great sickness overcame Purgameth and from it vomited forth chaos itself. It pooled around, protecting it from order of the universe, while creating a thick, liquid plane of insanity and unreality. The tears of pain caused from the great sickness formed into countless, ever screaming heads. And the sweat that covered Purgameth's body became a mass of tentacles, each one empaling one of the countless heads and making them part of it's form.

Since the creation of Purgameth's plane, Purgameth has taken an active stance on the Material plane. Trying to infect it with ever growing insanity, and perhaps one day even merge the Material Plane with it's own, and destroy all of reality as we know it. However, those goals are far off in Purgameth's mind, and won't come about for countless years, if ever coming about at all.

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