Chapter 1: Character Races

Playground is home to a myriad of intelligent races, including many of the common races from the Player's Handbook. The various subraces and racial variants found in other settings are generally not found in Playground, though the majority of the basic races can be found in one fashion or another. This chapter gives details of new races as well as the differences to the common races. If not otherwise indicated here, use the material from the Player’s Handbook when playing a common race.

Basic Races

HalfElves Half-Elves
HalfOrcs Half-Orcs

New and Changed Races

AhnentafalAlv Ahnentafal Al'v (Highbred Elves)
Athik Athiks
Dwarves#HighDwarves High Dwarves
Dragonborn Dragonborn of Xam
Forged (Warforged)
  Flameborn#Ashborn Ashborn
  Flameborn#Duneborn Duneborn
Humans#Wasteland Humans, Wasteland
Minotaur Minotaurs
  Vuleii#Fallen Fallen Vuleii

Other Races

As a basic rule, any race not listed in this setting can be added into a game set in Playground exactly as written with one change. They are assumed to have entered Playground, either intentionally or accidentally, through one of the cracks in reality created by the Invader gods linking separate multiverses. Such races gain the Outsider type and (Native) subtype in addition to whatever types they already have (do not recalculate anything, and they still count as their original type/subtype for the effects of spells and abilities), and if they are not almost physically identical to a native race on Playground, the attitudes of NPCs are one step closer to Hostile than normal as a result of the long wars against such interlopers. Further, these outsider races are discordant with the natural spirit realm of Playground and are incapable of communicating with the spirits. They may never take levels in the Shaman class.

Racial subtypes are generally unsuited and met with suspicion when they obviously differ from the standard for the race. Intelligent monsters, with the noted exception of aberrations such as mindflayers and dragons, may also be found as player characters, because the gods will often use the most effective character for their purposes regardless of race. Dragons, while not too rare, are almost exclusively stationary guardians of divinely protected areas or were brought by the Invader Deities, and so do not make good characters. Aberrations are almost exclusively from other worlds, and the gods of Playground find them abhorrent. Almost every major population group has standing orders from their patron gods making all obvious aberrations kill on sight.

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Chapter 1: Character Races
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