Played by Lord_Asmodeus


Titles: The Pure One, He On High, The First and Only
Home Plane: TheBurningVoid The Burning Void
Power Level: DR3, Demigod
Class: Warlock 10/Binder 8/Warmage 4
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Truth
Domains: Purification, Indifference
Begotten By: Oni Oni/Magnus
Begot: N/A
Raliak was created when Magnus, trapped inside a gem by Lossethir Lossethir sought to continue his acts of Warlording and fiery Rampage on the Playground. Denied the ability to do so himself, he instead called upon the cruel and mischievous god of Pain, Oni, to create a new god that had designed himself, using some of his own divine power. Oni agreed and lent the creation his own power, creating a tiny piece that he placed upon the grand board in the War Room of Engima's fortress, and thus Raliak was born in the deserts of Xiua.

Raliak quickly set about his mission, going to the first mortal settlement he could find, a Kobold village of the Stonepaw tribe where he preached his message of purity. Before he could lay waste to the Impure however, the Masked Goddess stopped him, threatening him. Raliak, furious but wise enough not to challenge the more powerful goddesses power, quickly commanded those he had deemed pure to destroy the impure and burn the village, with the promise that if they did not he would find others who would, and when he returned he would see all of them were destroyed, even the Pure. Reluctantly his followers agreed, and Raliak created for them glass weapons, hard as steel, and enchanted with the essence of Purity, a flame inside of glass weaponry that would burn.

Raliak went from tribe to tribe, burning away those he viewed as Impure, until he had amassed quite a large force. At this point Raliak decided that his people needed a home of their own, a base of opperations from which to begin spreading purity throughout the world. And so he commanded that the City of Purity be built, far from the rest of civilization in the desert.

Evolved Appearance: ice gathered in his joints, and his bones became brittle before hardening into something stronger than ice or bone. His charred black bones became covered in white hoarfrost, and twin twinkles of ice that danced like fire cavorted in his previously empty sockets. A chill air surrounded him, bringing cold even here, to the Burning Void. In his chest, something formed out of ice and fire, hatred bitterness and zealotry. A heart, made of flesh and ice, began beating in his chest. It was blue, and seemed quite dead, it was covered in ice and cold, but in it's very center a flame of hatred could be seen, burning despite the cold that was now inherent in his very being, but not affecting the cold that was now his to command either.

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