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=====Rathtack the Godlance=====
(Combat Artifact, +.5 CR)

+7 Adamantine, keen, throwing, returning, ghost touch, mighty cleaving, frost Large Greatspear
(3d6 Piercing, 1d6 Cold, Crit x3 (19-20), Range 20'))

- Allows the wielder to cast Fimbulwinter once per day
- Allows the wielder to cast Cone of Cold 3 times per day
- Allows the wielder to cast Ice Storm 3 times per day

- If left unattended for more than a 24 hours, the Godlance automatically casts Fimbulwinter on the area every night at midnight

- Anyone attempting to carry, handle or wield the Godlance automatically takes 30 Cold damage per round; no save.
- In order to wield the Godlance effectively, the carrier must succeed on a Charisma check (DC 17) once each day, or suffer a -4 penalty to all attacks with the weapon.
- Anyone killed by this Cold damage is automatically risen as a Frost Wraith (a creature to be created and homebrewed eventually)
- Other creatures (non aberration, non outsider), when killed by the Godlance have a 20% chance to be immediately raised as Frost Wraiths at the command of the wielder...if they have succeeded on their daily Charisma check.

While not sentient, the Godlance is a cruel and obstinate weapon that will frustrate or outright kill all but the most powerful of potential wielders. (More fluff to follow)
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