Rice Fields that Stretch Across the Horizon

Outer Plane
Infinite size
Normal Gravity
Normal Time
Strongly Neutral Aligned
Divinely Morphic: Gods of Balance may shape area's of the Rice Paddies as they wish. All attempts to morph the land near the Mount or the Seat of the Heavens fail unless done so by Xiua'hi
Limited Magic: Teleportation and teleportation effects function normally on this plane. All other spells save for those cast by gods of Xiua’Hi’s DR or higher can cast on this plane fail.

The Rice Paddies
Each Rice Paddy intersects a part of the multi-verse, acting like a two way portal to that location. It is possible for others to cross through into the paddies, finding themselves on the Plane of Rice Fields that Stretch Across the Horizon. Each paddy is ruled over by a shoku some who are less then kind about others using their pools.

The Mount
The mount is a giant looming mountain that sits in the very center of the Rice Fields that Stretch Across the Horizon. Set atop it’s massive single peak is the Life Oak, the very center of the very multi-verse. Here, its roots splay out into the innumerable portals, giving them their magical power. The Mount also holds a vast array of rice paddies, the most powerful of the Shoku ruling closer to Xiua’hi himself

The Seat of the Heavens
The Seat of the Heavens is the location Xiua’hi has chosen to place himself in his “retirement” from the world. He plays an endless seemingly mindless game with any Shoku, mortal, or god that visits.

Shoku Cities

The Rice Field Shoku, the ones not guarding paddies, have built structures to house their troops and to facilitate trade from all planer regions.

These cities act as go betweens now that the world has been divided. Each city is massive, though each is perfectly and uniformly built, and it has been said if you visit one Shoku city, you have visited them all. Anything can be bought or sold in these cities.

The Captial of the Shoku City is an impressive and lavish city known as At'Rai The Shadow Keep. It is said to be ruled over by the mysterious Shoku Council, led by the captains of the Rice Field Shoku. No single crime is possible to be commited without their knoweldge, though they are rarely ever punished.

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