The Scylgris are the first children of the Scalefather, Albatrix.

Personality: Born into the threat of Varr's invasion, they were given the gift of quick physical adaptation. Raised by the fires of the Elven Cataclysms and the Glade Wars, they have become a cautious and distrustful people. Though friendly by nature, they are careful about contact with outsiders, as most have proven themselves to simply be too dangerous. They are masters of craft in natural materials, such as chitin, bone, wood, or stone. The Scylgris seldom rely on forged weapons, instead training themselves in various styles of martial arts.

Physical Description: Scylgris are a mongrel race, with no two being exactly alike. They range from small, stealthy, lizard-like creatures to tortoise-like behemoths. At birth, each Scylgris takes the form of a tiny salamander like creature, with each growing uniquely as they age.

Relations: Scylgris do not often associate with the other races, living in secretive communities deep within the nearly impenetrable jungles. They are distrustful and overly cautious. Most races do not even know of their existence or believe them to be merely exaggerations told by adventurers looking for a free drink. Scylgris watch the world pass by, themselves remaining completely unnoticed.

Alignment: Scylgris tend to be neutrally aligned, not tending towards any extremes.

Scylgris Lands: The Scylgris live almost exclusively in hidden communities located in the dense, impenetrable jungles of western Ramua and are ruled by a group of fifteen elders collectively known as the Synod of the Scylgris. The largest island just off the coast is jealously guarded as sacred ground, and members of other races who set foot there quickly find themselves overwhelmed and killed by the highly defensive scylgris. Some scylgris have a small enclave on one of the smaller, less populated islands of the Grin where they use magical enchantments and skillfully made disguises to appear as members other races.

Religion: Scylgris worship Albatrix almost exclusively, though they have great respect for Coberal for her craft skills. On the sacred island of the scylgris can be found a temple city containing sprawling temple complexes dedicated to the worship of Albatrix. It is here that his avatar, commonly called The Grimys, resides as the mouthpiece of their god. The spiritual leaders of the scylgris are known as the Warpriests of Grimys.

Language: Scylgris speak a dialect of Common, which was taught to them by the Scalefather, though they use an elaborate script of hieroglyphs which are unintelligible to any who are not specially trained in their holy temples.

Scylgris Names: Scylgris names typically have lots of vowels and 'S' sounds which are easily pronounced by their serpentine tongues.

Adventurers: Scylgris seldom leave their jungles, though they will frequently go on adventures within them to test themselves against the powerful beasts which live there. Those few who do leave almost always only do so to complete a sacred quest assigned to them by a priest of Albatrix.

Scylgris Racial Traits
Scylgris are unlike other races, in that they do not have a standard form. Rather, when creating a Scylgris character, you must choose one aspect from each section. These decisions change the final form and racial abilities of that unique Scylgris. Only the one choice from each group applies to the character, and these choices can not be changed later.

Racial Feats

FeatsE#ExceptionallyClever Exceptionally Clever
FeatsE#ExceptionallyQuick Exceptionally Quick
FeatsE#ExceptionallyResilient Exceptionally Resilient
FeatsE#ExceptionallyVicious Exceptionally Vicious
FeatsL#LethallyVicious Lethally Vicious
FeatsQ#QuickSwimmer Quick Swimmer

FeatsM#MasterfullyClever Masterfully Clever
FeatsM#MasterfullyQuick Masterfully Quick
FeatsM#MasterfullyResilient Masterfully Resilient
FeatsM#MasterfullyVicious Masterfully Vicious

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