Second Chance

Second Chance

Traits:Normal Gravity
Varies: Time is frozen, loops, or does no harm depending on location.
Divinely Morphic
No Elemental or Energy Traits
Mildly Neutral-Aligned
Normal Magic
Home to:

Sealed by Kaern (DR9)
Breached and attacked by Elimanishon (DR 16) 11/7/08

The Gray Plane
The base form of Second Chance is a flat, gray plane that stretches to the horizon. There is no time here.

The region around the arbitrarily-chosen center of Second chance has stone and soil, plants and animals. Here, time is allowed to run normally for a while, so that plants may take root and grow, then it is frozen to protect and preserve the specimens.

The time in some regions of Storage runs in loops; the same day, month, or even year repeats over and over again. Kaern does this to test various population balances; what species can get along, how many predators are too many, etc. These areas are sometimes visited by the sapient inhabitants of the plane, to gather supplies without harming the specimen stocks.

The City
In the very center of Second Chance is a stone city, arranged in a circle around the plaza where the Ring of Transit is located is a city built of dark stone. Time here runs at a normal speed, but mortals do not hunger or thirst, objects do not rust or decay, and wounds or broken objects eventually heal without a scar. It is here that the sapient species live. Immediately surrounding the plaza is the headquarters of the Silver Wardens; the petitioners of Second Chance. The races of the Playground each have their own district of the city, but they are not expected to keep to it. Kaern has only two rules for those who live in the City - don't damage the stocks, and respect your peers. Kaern tolerates fighting, and even accidental killings (He raises the victim), but repeat offenders may be subject to spells to attempt to control their behavior, or even banished to Storage.

The Plain
The Plain is a region of Testing on a one-day cycle, connected to the city by a walkway of normal time. Kaern maintains Testing for serious martial training or the settling of disputes with lethal force. In Second Chance, if you take a fight outside, the Plain is where you go. Kaern does not mind fighting on any scale on the plane, because at the end of the day - no harm done.

Petitioners - The Silver Wardens
The Silver Wardens serve as a moderate police force within the city, monitor Storage and Testing, and place new specimens. They always function in serial time, and can extend that benefit to up to five other beings. Silver Wardens accompany expeditions to Testing using this ability, and also conduct searches for mortals believed lost in Testing or Storage

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