The Solar Eternity

The Searing Vortex Beneath the Sun

Traits:Subjective Gravity
Erratic Time
Highly Morphic
Strongly Chaotically-Aligned
Wild Magic
Home to: Elimanishon

In order to do away with the tainted ashlings that Marda had created on the Sun, Elimanishon unleashed the Solar Eternity from within the fiery sphere. It is an infinite vortex of chaos and emotion, home to the all manners of chaotic outsiders and especially the slaad. It has no stable form and you can expect anything to happen here. Free-floating islands from the Trail of Ash that Marda created form the bulk of any stable terrain and a safe haven for those who would otherwise fall victim to the storm.

Another feature is the Dream Rift, which lets sleeping mortals project their consciousness into the plane; Elimanishon hopes to establish himself as a Lord of Dreams. The Sunflower Forge is Elimanishon's sanctum and center for tampering with fundamental forces.

The Solar Eternity is coterminous to the Material Plane through the surface of the Sun or, more safely, through the gates of the Temple of the Sun. It also leans towards other chaotic planes but cannot be entered from lawful ones.

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