Sons of Elimanishon

Sons of Elimanishon

Title(s):Sunfire Abominations
Home Plane:Solar Eternity
Power Level:Lesser Deity (DR 3, Evo 0)
Class:Duskblade 22
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Domains:War, Balance
Begotten By:Elimanishon
Played by Maerok

The Sons of Elimanishon are war gods dedicated to the removal of Varr and his associates from the Playground, and optimally the destruction of said enemies.

Holy Symbol: Four stylized swords arranged in a square
Favored Weapon: Full blades
Worshipers: Warriors
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: N/A
Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Warrior 22
Berserker Strike {O}: DIE!!!!

The Sons of Elimanishon were begotten by Elimanishon and his succubi to fight in the war against Varr on a mortal level. They resemble a cross between spiritfolk, flameborn, and demons, in varying amounts. There are three sons: Corilok, Tasvar, and Silivor (see Dogma).

Elimanishon realized the possible goals of Varr and how the simple trade god turned vile. The sun lord instilled a sort of erratic balance between the three so that they could never become an absolute threat to other worlds. They are bound to one another, traveling with the others forever. It is his mocking tribute to the petty concept of Balance.

The three brothers are generally understanding of their own motives but often wheel and deal in order to convince the others to stand down for no more than one conflict. They are also fanatics of games of chance and seasoned gamblers (cheaters).

Divine Relations:

Corilok (Chaotic Good; blue text) - Mostly spiritfolk; Corilok is the son who fights for an end to war at all costs and the eventual peace. His blade is Ignorance (+2 spellstoring keen shock merciful full blade).

Tasvar (Chaotic Neutral; green text) - Mostly flameborn; Tasvar is most like his father, hoping to insight conflict just to see where it leads. He wishes to prolong most conflicts until both sides are destroyed. His blade is Stagnation (+2 spellstoring keen frost defending full blade).

Silivor (Chaotic Evil; red text) - Mostly demonic; Silivor combines the worst of 'a quick death' with 'slow torture'. His only desire is the next battle, and the one after that. His blade is Atrocity (+2 spellstoring keen flaming vicious full blade).

Clergy and Temples:
Each of the gods only acknowledges the battlefield as their temple. And services are always being held.

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