The Spire is octahedral shard of unnatural ice that appears to stand precariously at the tip of the northernmost peninsula of the continent. The long and slender end of the shard is driven hundreds of feet deep into the earth. The top, squat end is occupied by the expansive palatial residence of Lossethir and his court (actual court coming soon!). The architectural style borrows heavily from the dwarves and the elves both. Labyrinthine corridors and sunken chambers exit out to majestic balconies and covered walkways and gardens of dormant birch trees dripping with icicles. Reflecting pools, fountains and waterfalls are abundant. Curiously enough, there are a number of arcane fueled hot springs available for the comfort of guests. The temperature inside and on the grounds is always a brisk and invigorating one, nothing like the unforgiving cold found anywhere else in the region. The view from any window or balcony in the palace is extraordinary, most look out on to the endless ocean and the dancing northern lights. At the south of the palace, one can see hundreds of miles of taiga and the hazy mountains beyond. The only way to enter the palace is by flight or portal - no ground level entrance exists.
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