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Evadize left a powerful Flameborn egg in the Sacred Glade, not realizing what it was. Calypso eventually discovered it and set about nourishing it. When it eventually hatched, her divine influence had transformed the creature within into a completely new being. Through her magical light, the spiritfolk were born.

Personality: Extremely playful and creative, spiritfolk at very artistic. A spiritfolk can be any alignment from lawful to chaotic however almost every spiritfolk is good. All spiritfolk have a large sense of community and our very open minded to all cultures, admiring beauty in all forms. However, spiritfolk heavily resent the abuse of anything, nature, power etc.

Physical Description: Spiritfolk constantly emit a soft multicolored light from their flesh. Their upper body is that of a human transcending down into just pure, wavering light hovering a little less than an inch above the ground. When they experience potent emotions or are subjected to intense physical exertion, the inner light bursts forth into a harmless, multicolored flame. When living amongst the other races, spiritfolk tend to wear long, flowing robes or dresses to mask some of their more foreign features, setting those around them more at ease.

Relations: Spiritfolk have good relationships with the Aegar and Elves, who share some of their lands. They also have close ties with Domhain, the dwarven city in the southern part of the forest. They hate their offspring the Half-Elves almost as much as they hate the Flameborn and their kin, often attacking the latter on sight.

Alignment: Spiritfolk tend to be neutral, content to leave others alone if they are left alone in turn.

Spiritfolk Lands: Most spiritfolk live in and around the Sacred Glade, protecting its grounds and thriving in it's beautiful landscape. It provides more than enough nourishment for them, and they spend much of their time in introspection and leisure. The Sacred Glade allows them to live alongside the demigoddess Calypso, whom many admire and worship.

Religion: Most spiritfolk worship Calypso and Evadize, appreciative of the beauty of the nature around them. They generally also worship any and all gods of whom they are aware, though they refuse to worship evil or destructive gods who damage the natural order of life.

Language: Spiritfolk speak Sylvan and Common.

Adventurers: Some spiritfolk leave the community of the Sacred Glade to protect nature in different parts of the world, mimicking Calypso's duties within the Glade. These nomads travel the world nourishing the land where they can and attempting to restore it in others. The effect they have is negligible, but Evadize smiles at their efforts. Others simply grow discontent with their lot in life and wish to explore the world at large.

Spiritfolk Racial Traits
Spiritfolk possess the following traits

Racial Feats

FeatsC#ControlledInnerLight Controlled Inner Light
FeatsE#ExtendedLightRay Extended Light Ray
FeatsR#RadiantLight Radiant Light
 FeatsE#ExtendedRadiantLight Extended Radiant Light
 FeatsH#HealingAura Healing Aura
 FeatsI#ImprovedRadiantLight Improved Radiant Light


Wraithfolk (Deadborn Spiritfolk)

Even comely spirits of nature like the spiritfolk are not free from the curse of undeath. Wraithfolk's racial abilities change and become fueled by negative energy, instead of radiance.

Wraithfolk Racial Traits
Wraithfolk possess the following traits

Racial Feats

FeatsC#ControlTheHunger Control the Hunger
FeatsH#HungeringDarkness Hungering Darkness
 FeatsD#DevourLight Devour Light
 FeatsE#ExtendedHungeringDarkness Extended Hungering Darkness
 FeatsF#FieldOfEntropy Field of Entropy

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