Spyders are steam-powered shells that house a single driver and grant him considerably impressive maneuverability.

Spyder Statistics

The spyder template can be applied to any living, sentient creature as long as the spyder the creature is trying to enter is at least one size larger than the creature.

Size and Type: Size is increased by one step from base, up to a maximum of Colossal. Type is unchanged, but the creature gains the (Steam) descriptor.

Hit Dice: A spyder grants the creature no additional HD.

Armor Class: Gains a +2 inherent bonus to AC and an additional +1 per 4 HD.

Special Attacks:
Slash (Ex): As a standard action, the spyder can make a melee touch attack against all adjacent enemies for Xd4 slashing damage, where X is one-fourth his HD rounded down, minimum 1. A Reflex save equal to 10+half the creature's HD (rounded down)+the creature's intelligence or dexterity modifier (whichever is higher) negates the damage. Alternatively, the creature may use slash as a full-round action and slow opponents who fail their save for a number of rounds equal to the creature's intelligence modifier, minimum 1, and deal them half-damage on a succesful save.

Bite (Ex): As a standard action, the spyder can make a melee touch attack against an adjacent enemy for Xd6 fire and Xd6 piercing damage where X is equal to one-fourth the character's HD, rounded down, minimum 1.

Special Qualities:
Climbing (Ex): A spyder may, as a move action, climb any surface with a DC of 20 or less with a speed of 30 ft. or the creature's natural climb speed, whichever is higher.

The iron and bronze shell grant the creature immunity to polymorph and mind-affecting effects.

Constitution +6

+4 Climb

No change

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