The Srem

The Srem are the third race of the Promised, created Xiua’hi to inhabit and tend to his moon. They are strongly spiritual and have been called the Lunar Fey by the terrestrial races.

Personality: Srem are introspective philosophers and holy men, religion making up a large part of their daily lives. Young Srem are encouraged to openly speak out against the normal ways of the elder generations, and to make contact with their Father.

Physical Description: The Srem are pale and delicate creatures, their skin often the color of milk, their hair shining silver almost like liquid moon light. Their eyes tend towards purple’s or reds, a rare green or blue has been noted in several prominent figures of the species. Each Srem is born with a tattoo on the small of their backs, that coil further up their spin to touch their shoulder blades as they age. Srem also possess a spiritual connection with the world that allows them to manifest their mental powers in the form of a ghostly pair of arms coming from their tattoo. These arms are almost always shadowy and hazy, and are often accompanied by the lilting music of violins

Relations: The Srem have little to no interaction with other races save the Shadar-Kai who they view as their distant and antithetical brothers. Though they do not dislike them, a Shadar-Kai’s presence next to a single Srem seems to cast both in a strange and uncomfortable air

Alignment: Srem tend toward the Neutral and Good alignments

Srem Lands: The Srem are the sole race that dwell upon the moon, with several herd animals that have wandered through the Moon Gate

Religion: The Srem have been taught to worship the elder gods, still giving prayers to the dead gods Teerp, Nerius and Ramus.

Language: Srem begin play knowing Sylvan

+2 wisdom, -2 con, -2 dex
Medium Fey
Xiua’Hi’s Curse
Tattoo: Much like their Zarier and Shadar-Kai siblings, the Srem are born with a mark left by their creator. Each specifies what role they serve in their society. But these tattoo’s serve another purpose as well. Each Srem has complete manipulation of the “scarring” the tattoo’s have left, and can manifest spiritual energies through them. This allows the Srem an extra set of spiritual arms. These function as regular arms, and allow the Srem to take the multi-attack feat.
Lowlight Vision
Favored Class: True Namer

The Promise of Luck

When a Srem is born, they are touched by the favor of their creator in the shape of intricate patterns around their ever bright eyes. Much like their earthly brethren, these markings dictate the very fate of the child. The Promise of Luck is a duel edged bounty, granting the Srem with abnormal grace and quickness of mind, but also with the knowledge that for every action taken, a great impact is placed on all things connected. A Srem starts play with a +2 luck bonus to any one save, but for each time she makes a successful save associated with the chosen bonus, she becomes stunned for a round as the multitude of possibilities assail her vision.
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