Steampedes are steam-powered shells that house a single driver and grant him enhanced speed.

Steampede Statistics

The steampede template can be applied to any living, sentient creature as long as the steampede the creature is trying to enter is at least one size larger than the creature.

Size and Type: Size is increased by one step from base, up to a maximum of Colossal. Type is unchanged, but the creature gains the (Steam) descriptor.

Speed: The creature's speed increases to 50 ft. (unless the creature's original base speed is higher), and he gains an overland speed of 80 miles per day. He does not have the option of using a forced march to increase his overland speed.

Hit Dice: A steampede grants the creature no additional HD.

Armor Class: Gains a +2 inherent bonus to AC and an additional +1 per 4 HD.

Special Attacks:
Trample (Ex): As in SRD.

Special Qualities:
Multilegged (Ex): The carrying capacity for any creature in a steampede is doubled. Additionally, the character may ignore rough and difficult terrain.

Passengers (Ex): Up to one creature of the same size as the original creature may ride in a steampede as a passenger, or two creatures of one size smaller, or four creatures two sizes smaller.

The iron and bronze shell grants the creature immunity to polymorph and mind-affecting effects.

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