Stern Question

The Stern Question is a creation of Enigma's ebony Skin when he broke free of his chains in order to fight the intruder who called himself Varr. Millions fragments fell to the playground the form of awkwardly shaped battleaxes.

Game Statistics are as follows:
This ebony battleaxe can only be touched by those who have a question in mind. The question can be as trival as they want or as complex as such. Upon holding the Stern Question with the question in mind, all other manfestations of the BattleAxe become nothing but stones still the weilder has finished his Quest.

The BattleAxe as Active (During Quest): +5 flameing Vorpal BattleAxe that compells the wielder to find the answer to his question. Every Day that the wielder does not answer the question he had in mind when he recived the axe he gains a negivitive level, this negitive level cannot be gotten rid of till the wielder answers the Question. The Lost levels are never perminate.

The BattleAxe Inactive (Untouched) : Ebony stone that when touched deals 20D6 damage in pure destructive force (Fort DC 48 to half) and another 100D6 Fire (no save). When it does this, the stone is utterly destroyed. This effect does not activate if a question is in the mind of the being that touched the Stern question.

The BattleAxe Inactive (After Quest): This Weapon becomes a +1 BattleAxe that can cast 1 level 1 spell chosen when the Axe get's the question answered and usally having something to do with the answer of the question.

The BattleAxe will not activate for someone with the answer to their question already in their mind. Infact, it will destroy the creature that attemps to 'trick' it. Double all damages and remove the saveing through in such a situation.
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