Forest of Swaying Grass

These lands, based in the lowlands of Xiua, appear as giant forests of lush green grass, reaching at their highest, miles into the air. While on the surface, this large mass appears much like a forest, but something deeper runs through the fronds and roots of the Forest of Swaying Grass. It is alive. But not like a single tree is alive, the Forest has its own will, allowing those it decides are safe into its folds, while weaving itself into a thick defensive wall to bar entry to its recess’s. Populated by the Ushuru, the Forest of Swaying Grass is a peaceful and multi-tiered world all to its self. Set into four layers, the Forest boasts a wide variety of life adapted to the odd ecosystem found in the various layers. Fire is anathema in the Swaying grass, instead the inhabitants use glowing mushrooms and other plant life found in the depths of the lower reaches of the Swaying Grass. Any creature can attempt to mold the grass into simple structures, such as bridges, small huts, and even moving stairs. The powerful Ushuru Melders even offer their services to outsiders for a price. An uninitiated in the Molding process suffers a -5 to all rolls made to lull the Grass into a workable state. A molder must first make a diplomacy check(DC 25) then a concentration check everyone 10 minutes to keep the Grass from molding back into its base shape(DC 20+1 per 10 minutes).

The High Reach: The High Reach is the top of the Swaying Grass. Flying birds fly above the lower blades of grass, swooping down and feasting on the rich insect life that abounds above this region. While few Ushuru gather in this region, small huts molded from the blades can still be found, more for scouting and viewing the far reaches of Xiua without worry of harm.

The Vaulted Expanse: The vaulted expanse is where the majority of the Ushuru live, cradled in the bosom of the Swaying Grass, large masses of earth from below are used for building foundations for large, sprawling cities that stretch into every direction. Much of the Ushuru architecture takes their molding powers into consideration, no natural or pre-existing forms of mobility are ever present, allowing bridges and stairs to form and un-form between windows, doors, and rooftops as the molder desires.

The Lower Halls: The Lower Halls appear as high ceilinged passageways of grass. The Lower Halls hold the grand histories of the Ushuru, written upon the dried leaves of the forest. Many of the Molders are based here, keeping their lore hidden in the deepest reaches of the Lower Halls. But the Lower Halls hold more then the secrets of the Ushuru. It hold the Mother Bulb. The Mother bulb itself is in fact a giant castle like structure, still living and pulsing with the life of the entire Swaying Grass.

Bulbs Garden: The Bulb garden is almost another world unto itself. Deep below the Swaying grass is a swampy, muddy and foul air rich with decay and natural gas’s.

The Bulbs Garden is set into three distinct stages, the Stretched Dark, the regions where the smallest of the bulbs grow, allowing a twilit between the Swaying Grass proper into the Bulbs Garden. This region is highly policed by the Ushuru, keeping the more violent creatures of the lower reaches from gaining entrance to the less easily defended forest. A dense layer of fog and mist hangs around the Stretched Dark, growing thicker as one descends deeper.

Flooded Earth Plains: The Flooded Earth Plains are large tracts of muddy, sticky earth pushed up into the larger bulbs root system over their years of growth. These land mass’s release large amounts of decaying matter into the air, mingling with the thick fog to create powerful and ever present precipitation that leads to the very survival of the entire Swaying Grass. Creatures of the night prowl this layer, making it the most dangerous region for the Ushuru in a strictly hunting sense.

Sucking Mire: The sucking mire is the base of all of the Swaying Grass. Illuminated by the glowing bulbs of the gigantic grass stalks, this region is the most inhospitable for all but the hardiest of creatures. The air is thick with a near poisonous miasma of decayed life forms and the ever present stench of growth. The earth is thick, much like quicksand, and populated by giant insects and serpents of unearthly length.
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