Title(s):the Psychic Heart, Mistress of Magic
Home Plane:Amensi
Power Level:Lesser Deity(DR 15, Evo 2)
Class:Battle Sorcerer 18 / Erudite 18 / Cerebremancer 10
Alignment:Lawful Evil
Portfolio:Metaphysical Power (x2), Mental Discipline (x2), Subjugation
Domains:Domination, Indifference, Magic, Meditation, Mentalism, Spell
Begotten By:Teerp
Played by Jeriah

Teera is preoccupied with magic and the knowledge of magic and spell like powers; however, unlike her father, who's reckless magical experiments caused his own death, she is greatly preoccupied with her own preservation, allowing her followers to do the experimentation for her, constantly seeking to increase her own power through their mistakes and discoveries. She's peevish and self centered, but hides it well in the presence of other gods. She's also somewhat cowardly, letting others fight while she supports from the back.

Holy Symbol: a stylized heart with lines of power emanating from it
Favored Weapon: dagger
Worshipers: Arcanists, psionicists, and those who desire greater power
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
  • Dorjes
  • Power Stones
  • Psicrowns

Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Caster 46
The destruction of the god of magic was felt across the planes to all wielders of the arcane. As the years passed, those fragments began to coalesce into a deity once more. From these chaotic shards, a new goddess stepped forth, naming herself the the daughter of Teerp, his essence reborn.

There are no temples dedicated to Teera. She maintains a low profile in both mortal and divine affairs, seeking only to prolong her own existence and expand her repetoire of abilities. There are a few key psionic lodges which promote belief in the "psionic heart," an aspect of Teera's power. This errant belief is an unwitting worship of Teera, and many of the followers of this philosophy obtain divine intervention from her, despite their ignorance of her intervention. Lodges have sprung up in almost every city across the world, though the Heart Lodge, the one from where all others are administrated, is located in Glasken in Ramua.

Despite having no organized religion, Teera has communicated directly with a few powerful wizards who sought out her Magic aspect. These wizards receive special divine favor, though only if they are like minded to Teera and have at least some latent psionic ability, which she encourages them to expound upon. Teera does not often support clerics, finding their total reliance on her divine power to be somewhat disgusting. She much prefers those who seek to increase their might through their own efforts, rewarding them with greater power.

Divine Relationships
Teera keeps a watchful eye on the doings of most gods of Playground; however, she does not often directly interfere with them, preferring to keep to herself.
Teera desires a closer relationship with her sister, the only family she still has; however, those with whom her sister has allied view Teera in a significantly less than favorable light and have colored her sister's perceptions against her. Teera hopes to one day rectify that and become united once more with her sister, but with her sister's current comatose state, this seems unlikely.
She has a close relationship with Klik'chak, almost as if they were siblings. Lossethir and Kaern are viewed with great respect as well, though she finds Lossethir's chaotic nature somewhat distasteful. Cliktith, Coberal, and the new members of her pantheon are viewed as allies with a modicum of respect but generally not as friends.
Of the remaining gods outside of her pantheon, she has respect primarily for Dla, Enigma, and Xiua'hi, viewing the other gods as obsessed with relatively petty matters. Her somewhat selfish and withdrawn personality causes her to not often seek out relationships with gods who have not first sought her.

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