Teerp, the Seer of Secrets
[DR: 6] Lesser Deity, Sorcerer 16 Loremaster 10
Symbol: A Single Yellow Eye
Home: The Void
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Domain: Magic
Portfolio: Arcane Magic
Favored Weapon: Unarmed Attack (claw)
Avatar: A smallish kobold who is entirely white except large black spots on his face, and a yellow circle on the back of his right claw.
Combat: Caster Level 28

Teerp, the god of magic, was a curious being. He felt that creativity, when tightly constrained with logic and consideration, wass the most positive force in the universe. With this in mind, he had set out to create a world of interesting inhabitants for himself to understand and study the complex inter-relations of forces that shape matter and method.

Died and was absorbed back into the world, though his essence formed the sister goddesses Teera and Sombrius.
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