Temple of Sand

In the midst of the southern deserts of Ramua is a magnificent temple, carved into the living rock of the cliffs of a deep gorge. The gorge has enclosing walls miles long, with with encampments of the Chosen throughout. Apart from the temple itself is a small temple complex for supporting the priests of Klik'chak; however, these buildings, as well as all building in the encampments, are temporary buildings, composed mostly of heavy fabric and wooden poles. Great columns support a terraced walkway up to the entrance of the temple, and a colonnaded chamber leads from the entrance to a great altar of sandstone. Behind the altar is the inner sanctum, a small room large enough for but a single medium individual. On the ceiling of this room, luminescent stars are painted above a round sandstone dais, upon which rests a small mound of glowing sand. It is here that the leader of the ChosenOfSand Chosen of Sand communes directly with KlikChak Klik'chak, their god.

Location: The Desert of Teerp

Initial Encounters: Roll on the Temple of Sand encounter table when the characters visit the site for the first time, or for the first time in over 6 months. Characters who are of the Chosen of Sand or are led by a member of the Chosen are not attacked immediately; however, attacking any Chosen or violating the sanctum, such as by disturbing the sacred sand within, brings an additional party of ten 3rd- to 4th-level Chosen rangers and fighters led by a 10th- to 12th-level cleric (EL 12 to 14). If the PCs manage to survive and approach the area again after less than 6 months has passed, there is a 50% chance they encounter a Chosen patrol of six 3rd-level Chosen rangers led by an 8th-level Chosen cleric (EL 10) before even reaching the temple. If the heroes fail to visit the location for more than 6 months, roll for an encounter as if they had never visited.

Temple of Sand Encounters
01–104 3rd-level dwarf fighters
11–501d3 5th-level elf druids and 1d3 dwarf fighters
51–751d6 5th level dwarf clerics of Klik'chak
76–974 5th-level dwarf fighters plus 2 7th-level dwarf clerics of Klik'chak
98–1001 sand golem

Subsequent Encounters: The Temple of Sand is never completely abandoned. Even if the characters clear the area, there is still a 50% chance of an encounter each time they visit the temple.

Base Ability: Characters who are able to commune with Klik'chak peaceably function as though they had the Drift Magic feat. Characters which already have the Drift Magic feat gain an additional +1 untyped bonus to caster level functioning exactly as per the effects of Drift Magic.

Recharge Condition: Spend a day in meditation in a desert location or while carrying 1 pound of sand or other soil gathered from the desert during which time the character must make a sacrifice of precious gems worth at least 100gp by grinding them into dust and mixing the dust with the desert soil.

Higher-Order Ability: You can use FlaywindBurst flaywind burst as a spell-like ability. Your caster level is equal to your character level.

Higher-Order Uses: 6.

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