Tether-The Grin's Connection

General Overview

Tether is the only large city on the Grin, an ancient city that began as the first (and only) capsin settlement. It's home to at least a few hundred members of almost every race on Playground.


The architecture of the Grin is as varied as its inhabitants: some roofs are sloped, some are flat, all are stormworthy, the one quality all buildings on the Grin share: a fierce thunderstorm will do little more than shake these buildings.

Also around the Grin, in every little square and on most roofs, are wells that catch rainwater. Although there are a few lakes and springs on the Grin, the large number of people means that extra water (especially free and easily gathered water) is a good thing.

Culture in Tether

Inhabitants carry over much of the culture they were part of before moving to Tether, and their children are very similar, though with one notable difference: the youth join the Guild. It isn't required, but it is a social custom that when a youth comes of age he join the Adventurer's Guild and spend at least a year out adventuring and bettering himself, a twist on an ancient capsin custom where the youth would go out and bring back something new before being declared an adult. If a youth passes his window of opportunity to join without becoming a member, he is seen by many inhabitants of the Grin as lazy, foolish, or just plain weird.


There is no standard of dress in Tether, a point that many residents take full advantage of and pride in.


Like clothing styles, the diets of those who dwell in Tether are incredibly varied/

Family and Home

Whatever culture a family comes from determines how they will organize themselves in Tether.


Most inhabitants pay their respects to Gliss, and all gods (even Eul and the dead gods like Ramus and Teerp) are worshipped by some in one way or another.

Noted Locations

The Adventurer's Guild: The place that could best be called Gliss' seat of power and the headquarters for all adventurers based on the Grin.

Yen's Noodle and Holistic Medicine Shop: A store that sells foreign alcohols, spiced and flavored bowls of noodles, and teas with oddly restorative properties.

The Labyrinth: The plane that challenges all adventurers, pushing them within an inch of their lives to help them become much fiercer and effective in combat.

Military Power

At first glance, one would think this city the essence of peace and hard work. When one looks under the surface, however, one quickly sees that the entirety of the Grin is, in fact, a war machine.

The Adventurer's Guild ensures that the bulk of the Grin is trained and ready for combat and organized into small, balanced, and highly effective squads.

The Sky Knights act as a highly effective and fairly large air cavalry unit.

The Labyrinth is capable of producing an infinite amount of monsters to aid in the Grin's defense.

The faedrakes, small faerie dragons, pair themselves with powerful individuals. Not always those who are powerful at present, but those with the scent of destiny about them. And on the Grin, such destiny isn't so rare.

There are almost no commoners on the Grin. Instead, the local blacksmith is actually a fighter with a few years of personal experience with weapons, and the farmer on that island over there is a druid who single handedly slew a young black dragon that was menacing a village near Eul's lands.
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