The Anthill

The Anthill is a subterranean city of Athiks, built much like an anthill of common ants. This hill, however, rises several hundred feet in the air, and the surface sands of the city encompasses nearly a square mile. The Athiks themselves lives entirely underground, digging out tunnels in the sands and reinforcing them with a unique cement like bonding agent produced by their bodies which hardens the loose sands into a hard stone, much like concrete. This is what prevents the normally sandy soil from collapsing.

Society in the Anthill is based heavily on the who has the most intellectual and psionic prowess. The entire colony is lead by the single most powerful female, who functions much like an ant queen, filling vast egg chambers from which are birthed new Athiks. Beneath her are the most powerful psionic Athiks, who manage the various functions of the colony, from foraging to expansion to waste removal. Athiks are divided into smaller groups, each led by a psionicist of some power with the Athiks under him being mindless drones controlled by his will; however, these underlings function more akin to parts of his own body than as individual units. A lieutenant losing one of his underlings is as traumatic to him as a member of another race losing an arm or leg. The difference is that these missing "limbs" can be replaced.

In all other respects, Athiks living in the Anthill function much like the mundane ants from which they were created.
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