The Destroyer

Deity Name

Titles:The Red Star, Two Coloured Light, Lightbringer, The Axe, That with no name, Flickering One, Mommy
Home Plane:The Abyss
Power Level:Lesser Deity(DR 10, Evo 2)
Class:Psion(Kineticist) 12/Psychic Warrior 14/Slayer 10*
Alignment:Chaotic Evil
Portfolio:Violence, Demons
Domains:Destruction, Evil, Demonic
Begotten By:N/A
Begot:Amalthea, Yam
Played by Xuincherguixe

The Destroyer is a strange thing. Lacking a true body, it is a living red explosion spawned from somewhere far beyond the Playground that somehow breached the barrier into reality. From the center of it's body, shock waves of incredible power blast off. These waves carry it's voice, which consists of both of easy to understand words and more dangerous sounds.

Holy Symbol: A series of concentric circles
Favored Weapon: Axe
Worshipers: Demons, Humanoids, Chromatic Dragons
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: Abyss The Abyss, ChromaticDragons Chromatic Dragons, Considerable Damage
Important Followers: Ind

Combat: Caster 21*, Striker 14
*Slayer adds levels to manifested levels every level other than the first. It is advancing Psion levels.

The Destroyer was first seen when the sky seemed to split open, and the ball of Light known as The Destroyer emerged. Beyond that nothing of it's origin's are known.

Longer Description:
An explosion god of explosions, The Destroyer brings many things. Obviously there is ruin, carnage and death. But there is more to it than that. The Destroyer is a bringer of change. Even in it's very nature it changes things. The Destroyer can only know that which it touches with it's body. In otherwords, it's shockwaves. When that wave touches something it becomes something else which The Destroyer does not know. Another wave could be emitted, but that would change it again.

Nor is The Destroyer interested in knowing everything. It seeks to be entertained, and so acts in ways to entertain itself. Frequently by doing something horrific to someone. But even that can get boring, so it constantly seeks out new experiences.

The Destroyer is also a god of beauty. Like a bomb going off giving off light and colouring all, The Destroyer also seeks to bring beauty to the world. Which frequently, but not always involves suffering and death. It does not hate life. The Destroyer is not even capable of hate. No, The Destroyer is a being who loves life. And so it seeks to make life as meaningful as possible. And so that suffering is also so that those who suffer may have a greater life. It creates violence and destruction to bring beauty.

The Destroyer's shock waves in addition to being it's body also serve as it's voice, as they carry sounds. To an extent the meaning in these waves will be understood and heard as languages the recipient naturally understands. But this is not what the sound truly is. One might be able to hear strange, not entirely clear utterances within the words. The more they understand these, the more danger they are in. This is because The Destroyer's voice is itself a form of violence, and a person would be killed by this. Though other deities are much more resilient to this.

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