The Dread Six

The Dread Six

Title(s):Fiendlords, Fiendshapers, The Six Horrors, The Bastard sons of the Hungering Dark.
Home Plane:Bleak Badlands
Power Level:Demigod(DR 1, Evo 0)
Class:Evolutionist 18
Alignment:Neutral Evil (x6)
Domains:Pride, Evil
Begotten By:Eul
Played by Draken

Holocaust, Bane, Herr'ec, Hecatomb, Blaspheme and Brutallar are their names, six might baernoloths born of Eul's spite for the Destroyer's petty machinations. The Dread Six, as they named themselves after stealing some divine power from their 'father' to achieve a small amount of godhood, they are creatures of pride and spite, with unmatched hubris, but devoid of fooly. They account themselves the true lords of all fiends, demon, devil and yugoloth alike, and considering the powers Eul gave them, the six deific monsters might as well be right.

Unholy Symbol: A crimson skull
Favored Weapon: Claws
Worshipers: Fiendish Cults, Yugoloths
Avatar: None
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: None.
Important Followers: None.

Combat: Fighter 18, CR 4
The Dread Six are at once a deity and a cadre of fiendlords of incredible power. These ancient baernoloths are, individually, creatures of power that no mortal being, and even most immortal beings, can match. Together, they have the might and powers of a demigod.

Specifics: Each of the six baernoloths holds titles of their own, along with their own preferences in appearance and other subjects.

Holocaust, the Annihilator, first of six: Holocaust takes on a huge version of his natural form, with a draconic skull-like head topped by a halo of necrocarnum. He carries a massive, vicious looking, greatsword. His speech in the IC thread is bolded Sienna.

Hecatomb, the Corruptor, second if six: Hecatomb kept most of his shape, but he added a second tail, gave himself two extra heads and extended his necks. His speech in the IC thread is bolded navy.

Herr'ec, the Plaguelord, third of six: Herr'ec assumes a massive, tauric form resembling a massive bettle with the torso of an eight-armed mezzoloth with a six-eyed bebilith head and umber hulk pincers. His speech is bolded, brown.

Bane, the Ravager, fourth of six: Bane gave himself a second pair of arms, horns and a powerful jaw with acidic teeth. His speech is bolded darkorange.

Blaspheme, the Deceiver, fifth of six: Blaspheme takes on an elven, if fiendish, shape with six leathery wings and six eyes in his face, long, ram horns slide over his skull from his brow, parting the fiend's black hair. He speaks in bolded, italic dark red.

Brutallar, General from Bellow, sixth of six: Brutallar kept his original form, but wears spiked full plate over it, carries a tower shield and holds a cruel weapon similar to a spear. He speaks in bolded indigo.

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