The Moon

Traits:Normal Gravity
Normal Time
Alterably Morphic
No Elemental or Energy Traits
Mildly Neutral-Aligned
Normal Magic
Home to:

Yueqiu is a small mirror image of the material plane. It is heavily forested, and rains nearly year round. Rivers and lakes spot the emerald expanses. A single portal leads to the surface of Yueqiu, active only a single night, on the most holy day of Xiua'Hi. The Srem and those races that entered the Moon Gate inhabit the moon, the surface dotted by church's to the Moon Father. The center of the moon is also home to the Tasogare, a divine implement to clean the magic of the multi-verse.

The Moon as a Plane

Though many scholars have claimed such, Yueqiu is not in fact a plane, but a small planet that sets inside the material plane.

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