The Theocracy

The Theocracy is a religious and political organization which is situated in the city of Cornu Copiae in Amalthea's temple. It was created upon the Amalthean's arrival on the island of the Horn of Amalthea in order to create a government and to centralize the Amalthean faith's cleregy system where it could be monitored and controlled.

The main component of the Theocracy is the Priest-King, he or she is considered the sovereign of the nation as they are personaly selected by Amalthea herself to be her will upon the material plane. It is the Priest-King's duty besides several ceremonial obligations, to ensure that the other insitution of the Theocracy, the Holy Congress maintains order so that decisions can be made. Besides that the Priest-King also has direct control of the Cornu Copiaen military forces, and during a crisis situation, where Congress is abolished and emergency rule is established, the Priest-King weilds ultimate power to make any nessesary decisions untill the crisis is over, where power is once again handed to Congress.

The Congress itself is the insitution that represents the people, since they are elected every 5 years. Congress is made up of two houses, first is Parliament, also called the Mother of Parliament which consists of 12 members who are directly elected by the people of Cornu Copiae. At the moment, there are three main parties, the one with the majority within Parliament is the Red Rose Conservative Movement, the main opposition is the Liberal Charity Party, while the suprise 3rd party is the Vengeance Party which consists of religious nut-cases, even by the standard of a preist nation. Normaly debate sessions within Parliament are always heated and will often result in fights occuring, which is one of the reasons why the Theocracy is many times slow in making decisions. The other insitution is the scribes and lawyers who preceed over the parliamentary debates and write down everything, they constitute 100 members.

One of the Theocracy's most notorious aspects is its infamous bureaucracy. It is loaded with unnessesary routines and regulations which while it has the common good in mind, somewhere along the line, the need for laws and regulations got out of hand untill it has become the mess which it is today. To try and naviagte through the bureaucracy requires a lot of fortitude and patience, while many people have been reduced to insanity when trying to deal with the Theocracy, not even gods are above being victims of the monster which is the Theocratic bureaucracy , though many attempts to curb it has been attempted, the results have not been felt. However that dosnt mean that it is impossible to deal with the Theocracy, since there is a major loophole in the consitution which allows Amalthea to make the nessesary decisions when the Congress cannot decide for itself, this law is the first article of the Theocratic consitution: "When the Lady Amalthea speaks, the Theocracy listens."

Besides that, the Amalthean cleregy is tied to the Preist-King himself. It is the Preist-King that decides on the religious issues, since he or she is selected by Amalthea herself upon the death of the previous Preist-King. Also secretly the Theocracy are finding new ways to use thier goddess' blood which she sheds for them in order to further thier goals.

The objectives of the Theocracy, besides to govern Cornu Copiae, is to spread the Word of Amalthea where ever they can, and will often send delegations to diffrent cities to negotiate trade agreements, and then start spreading thier faith in these cities. They are also determined to fight evil where ever it rears its ugly face, and beleives that all mortals are born free, and thus hate slavery, since Amalthea herself was once a slave. For that reason they have found themselves opposing and even attacking the Va'Tari empire, and managed to succeed in thier mission to free slaves even though faced against incredible odds.

The Theocratic army consists of Paladins, Monks, Clerics, Fighters and the elite shock troopers, the Sacred Fists.
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