The Travelers' Guild

Purpose: The Travelers' Guild (or more commonly simply 'the Guild') seeks to both explore and improve the Playground.

History: Tryll, the chosen songpriest of Gliss, heard the tale of his god's adventure alongside Osric and Coberal. He saw them accomplish great things, greater than he expected any of them could do alone. He knew that many residents of Tether would spend the early years of their adult lives out and about in the world, as was ancient capsin custom, and return only when they had something new to return with. Their adventures were often the stuff legends were born of, but Tryll knew there were just as many who were never seen again. Hoping to promote these grand adventures while reducing the risk of death for all involved, he conceived an idea: organize them. A Warrior to slay foes when others fall weary. A Wielder to manipulate forces of strange and wild potential. A Keeper to ensure the party stays strong throughout the day. An Expert to assist in all roles and aid the party in ways outside of combat. Tryll felt all were necessary, and organized the members of the Travelers' Guild accordingly.

Philosphy: The Playground exists to be experienced, and denizens should seek to improve the lives of all their neighbors and learn all there is to know about the Playground.

Leadership: The Travelers' Guild is led by Trill Guildmaster, the capsin chosen by Gliss to wear the Master's Crown.

Symbol: A longsword in front of a circle

Associated Classes: All

General Benefits: The Travelers' Guild will arrange members into parties (explained below) upon request. Additionally, anyone may petition the Guild with a Job, a task they wish to have performed, as long as they assign it a general difficulty rating (On a scale of 1-10, 1 being simple and 10 being near impossible) and provide a suitable reward. Only members of the Guild may collect the rewards for Jobs, and many adventurers can support themselves for most of their lives by simply completing jobs.

What are Parties?: Members are arranged into parties, teams of adventurers organized to work well together and complement each other's strong points and compensate for each other's weak points. All parties consist of at least one member to fill all four roles (Warrior, Wielder, Keeper, and Expert) in any combination deemed necesary (one character who can do them all, a warrior/wielder and a keeper/expert, etc.).

Associated Skills: Search, Knowledge, Listen, Spot, Diplomacy, Appraise

Favored in Guild Feat Benefit: Naturalist: A naturalist guild uses a complex and constantly evolving set of trailglyphs and blazes to keep its members informed of dangers, shelter, good hunting, and other hazards or hidden benefits in the wilderness. You gain a +2 competence bonus on any Survival check made to keep from getting lost or to avoid a natural hazard, such as quicksand. In addition, you can choose a particular type of creature from the following list: animal, fey, giant, monstrous humanoid, plant, or vermin. You gain a +5 competence bonus on any Knowledge (nature) check you make concerning your chosen creature type.
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