Created by Dalam to function as heavy troopers in war. The tieflings are a combination of Srem, spiritfolk blood and elven blood melded with infernal power in an attempt to create race of deadly warriors perfectly loyal to the Va'Tari.

Personality: Tieflings, much like the Half Elves, are a half-breed race. Though created by the God Queen Dalam, a deity herself, they view all other gods with unfettered hatred, just as do their Va'Tari siblings. Most tieflings are cruel and combative, using their powers to extend the influence of the Va'Tari empire, at least until recently. Now, they are turned against their brothers as the factions of the crumbling Va'Tari empire fights amongst themselves for the remaining scraps of power.

Physical Description: Tieflings look like half-elves (and are roughly the same height and weight as members of that race), except for one or two distinguishing features related to their unusual ancestry. Some examples of these features include small horns, pointed teeth, red eyes, a whiff of brimstone about them, cloven feet, or red skin. No two tieflings look exactly alike. Tieflings reach adulthood at about the same age as half-elves but are longer-lived, with the eldest members of the race living to be 150 years old.

Relations: Tieflings do not get along well with anyone, not even members of their own race or half-elves. They were designed for war and have no experience in anything else. The nations against which they fought look at them with particular hatred.

Alignment: Tieflings tend toward evil alignments, though neutral tieflings are not uncommon. Those who choose a life of good-and manage to stick to it-are particularly rare.

Tiefling Lands: The majority of tieflings live on the Evad Islands within the crumbling Va'Tari Empire, which their share with their Half-Elven brothers.

Religion: The entirety of the tiefling race was created by the God Queen Dalam. Most worship her as the rest of the Va'Tari nation does, despite her death. Those few who have rebelled and escaped the Va'Tari worship no gods at all though might often pretend to worship the local deities if the locals are particularly devout.

Language: Tieflings speak Common, Tari, which is the language of the Half-Elves. They also often learn the languages of their ancestors, Elven, Sylvan, and Infernal.

Adventurers: Most tiefling adventurers have escaped from the bloodshed from the downfall of the Va'Tari Empire and adventure in an attempt to find a new home, a place to live without being constantly hunted.

Tiefling Racial Traits

Tieflings possess the following traits

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