Built to be the residence, fortress, and base of operations of Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll ap Xiau'Hi, the god of the Dark, both Trueholme, on the Shadow of the Playground, and Holme, it's ruined Playground equivalent, are magnificent structures. In addition, it can hold up to 400 people quite comfortable, and up to a thousand if needed. Of the normal complement of 350, up to 200 can go forth campaigning without leaving the citadel undefended.

Physical Description

Built to resemble the twin-peaked mountain they back up upon, the two citadels are made of huge blocks of stone rendered from that same mount, and piled to make an imposing structure. The face of the mountain nearest the castles is a sheer precipice, covered in block-shaped protrusions. Inside the castle, a large proportion of the mass of the castle is solid stone blocks, riddled with passage-ways and chambers. There are many small differences between Trueholme and Holme, the main of which being that Holme is much deprecated, with one of the two great spires fallen down, and great chunks of stone littered around the surrounding forest.

Inside Chambers

Level 1
There is only one entrance to the castle, 2 giant 20' tall iron gates, plus a portcullis that could be dropped. After all newcomers are checked on by the guards, they are escorted to the waiting room, and then, once the Light of the Dark is ready to see to them, the throne room. The throne itself is a huge affair, made to fit Gwyn in his 15' tall form. This level also includes the Meeting Room, where all conferences with his generals and other Gods take place, the auditorium, the Dining Hall, and other public rooms, interspersed with regular check-points.
Level 2
Servant and Guard Levels
Level 3
Army Base 1
Level 4
Army Base 2
Level 5
General's and Visitor's Quarters
Chosen's Quarters
Level 7
Gwyn's Personal Quarters
Level 8
The Spires.
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