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Ushuru are the tenders and “children” of the Swaying Grass. They are loved by plant life, owing to their deep bonds with the grass from the very moment of their creation. They are bastions of faith, living their lives in worship of life and the joy found within it.

Personality: Ushuru tend to take a wide approach at things. Very few things rouse an ushuru to swift action, and even fewer can truly anger them. This tends to make them seem lazy or distant to the other races, though this is far from the truth. Ushuru tend to be inquisitive, though their life perspective often gets in the way of higher learning.

Physical Description: Ushuru vary in height, ranging from 5 to 7 feet tall. All ushuru are thin and dark, their skin baked by the constant sun that filters through the Swaying grass to a deep bronze, their hair bleached to a blonde white. Eye color varies little in ushuru population, the only mitigating factor is placement in the varied layers. Those born to the High Reach’s tend to have lighter colored eyes, varying between gray to sky blue. Those born to the Vaulted Expanse and the Lower Halls have uniformly green eyes, while those born at the lower reaches of the Lower Halls and the Stretched Dark tend to have brown to dark purple eyes. Older usuhru begin to develop green tinges around their jaws, eyes, and finger tips, growing deeper as they progress in age.

Relations: Ushuru have little contact with the world outside the Swaying grass, owing their largest source of information to the races that occasionally travel through their homeland, particularly the Kreen who love to hunt the dangerous monsters that inhabit the lower regions. What contact they do have with outside races comes in the form of their wandering adventurer’s, who often come home not only heroes but as grand story tellers. Recently, hordes of frozen undead have begun to invade their lands, cutting down and destroying the Swaying Grass itself.

Alignment: Ushuru can be of any alignment, though most of the evil or less social of them live in the Bulb Garden, away from the more kindhearted of their people.

Ushuru Lands: The ushuru view the Swaying Grass as not only their homeland but as an extension of their very being. Tied to the very grasses, without their homeland, they would cease to exist as a people.

Religion: The ushuru worship all the gods of growth and the world at large. Small temples to Evadize dot the Vaulted Expanse, while the Lower Halls are home to vast multi-god churches and temples. They also revere the strength of Xiua'hi for the ability of the earth to nourish the grasses.

Language: The ushuru speak their own tongue, a slow, almost singsong language. Of particular note about “Knot-Speak,” as it is called, is that it possesses more than fifty words for grass and almost none for any other type of plant.

Adventurers: Ushuru seldom adventure, for they are loathe to leave the grasses of their home. Still, some particularly daring individuals do leave to go on grand quests for personal glory or to gain new knowledge for their people.

Ushuru Racial Traits

Ushuru possess the following traits

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