Va’Tari Empire-The Nation of the God Queen

General Overview

The Nation of the Va’tari is one with a sorted and long history. Created at first by the Original God General Va’Tari of whom the nation is now named after, whose ideal was to forge a nation of Half Elves, away from the races of the gods and their power. While in part successful, the nation was one of roving military bands, with little to no focus. The army then fell into the hands of Va’Tari’s second in command, Isul, after the Original Generals untimely death at the hands of an elven attack party. Isul then led the mighty army into the mountains of Ramua, creating a vast and sprawling city state on the backs of slave labor. But this home was not to last, and the Va’Tari were once again displaced, placed upon a vast fleet created by the Zarier for the exact purpose of sending the civilians and the majority of the army to a new and safe location. It would be the Evad island chain that became the final resting place for this navy, the central island being created into the Palace of Justified Hate. The empire stretchs across the whole of the Evad island chain, and has expanded to take a small portion of the larger islands of the Dal’Cory.


The architecture of the Va’Tari empire is rather unique, building up and out rather then out and up. Spires and tall networks of bridges are common, as are small low lying buildings built into the stoney ground of the islands themselves. Spires tend to be multi-tired with low slopping roofs that deflect and channel the varied rainstorms that plague the islands that make up their homes.

House hold units of the Va’Tari are large sprawling affairs, holding many rooms, storage centers and cellars. While they are large and expansive, most of the household is used for the rearing of children, and holding food and weaponry.

Buildings and residences tend to be simple, with little to no natural paint save for water proofing lacquer to brighten or otherwise create a visual appealing scene for on lookers. Even the palaces and residences of powerful and influential people run under these conditions, only slightly bigger and extensive to the common peoples homes.

Va’Tari Culture

Va’Tari culture is a strange, ritualized affair, with both men and women being equal in the eyes of the country and military. It is custom for a guest to be treated to a small meal of salts, bread and dried peppers and pork, families not offering even a small bowl of bread and salts to their guests are typically chastised by the commander in control of the neighborhood for disrespecting their fellows. The army and general populous alike hold festivals often in times of plenty, and it is during this time marriage and trade takes place. In rough times, it is not uncommon for the army and general populous to band together forming a single entity driven to harvesting or defense. All members of the general populous are trained in the use of weapons, either natural or otherwise.

The Va’Tari wear simple and practical clothing, typically of gray, black and brown hues. Umbrella’s and large flat hats are common in all levels of society, differing only in make and coloration, due mostly to the heavy annual rainfall that plagues the Evad island’s. High shoes and boots are standard fair, as are baggy but high cut pants.

Va’Tari cuisine is sparse though often times heavily spiced with peppers and ginger which grows native in the poor soil, and the ever present Flow. Meat is primary entry in all dish’s, pork dominating the culinary scene with chicken and other avian life taking second place, with red meat and fish rare commodities not often seen in even the palaces of commanders. It is a wide held practice that the army and the general populous not eat foods the other does not have access to at the most basic level.

Family and Home
The family structure of the Va’Tari is the strangest and possibly most outwardly cruel aspect of the lives of the Va’Tari. While slavery has been abolished in the Empire, tiefling and younger half elf children serve as pages and servants of the Empire’s daily needs.

Young children are treated as lesser citizens, as they have yet impacted or served the Empire in any capacity other then labor. These laws stretch to all children of the empire, both mortal and infernal born alike. All children upon hitting the age of majority are entered into one of the branches of the military, this practice while new to the Empire has been widely accepted as the string of the past is still fresh in the minds of even the middle aged Va’Tari.

After the young adults exit the military they are given a choice of joining the general populous, or staying in the military, earning more honors and respect from their peers. Those entering the general populous quickly find mates, forming families and keeping the cycle of fresh soldiers going. Young newly weds live in the homes of their parents for several years, until either the husband or wife has earned enough money to buy the home from their parents, allowing their parents to dwell on either property for their twilight years.

The final years of a member of the Va’Tari Empire are relatively peaceful, more fading from daily activities then being shut out of them. Older generations rear the children more often then not, imparting the knowledge of the past age upon the young in hopes of keeping the grand nation they remember alive through the lives of the young.

All children are enrolled in special schools that teach reading, writing and basic mathematics and trade concepts. Teachers are afforded completle control over the children when they are in the school buildings, and it is not uncommon for children to come home bleeding and brusised for speaking at the wrong moment, or not giving enough respect to their elders. Children are taught at this age to respect their fellow children, though if one can get away with it, to gain more honor and respect at any turn. Violence between children of any race, espically between two or more races, is heavily punished, and it is not uncommon for a whole household to extend the punishment when the child returns home.


Religion is a varied and strage phenomenon for the Va’Tari.

Priesthood of Dalam
The Priesthood of Dalam, at one point, was a sect of powerful Ur-priests in the employ of Isul. Since their Queens ascension, the priesthood has made a radical change to actual clerics and shamans in the worship of Dalam. Every island has a temple in her honor, the strongest of her priests serving as the right hands of every general of the Empire.

Anscestor Worship
The Va’Tari has a long and well earned respect for their dead, mentioning them at almost every meal, wedding, and special family event. Those killed in the line of duty are paid an honor one greater, holding shrines across many households, and even small individual islands.

Devil Worship
A new phenomenon, and on the raise in the sorcerous populous of the Va’Tari, is the worship and bargaining with the infernal forces. While all Va’Tari pray to Dalam, and serve her will, many use the power gained to further their God Queens aims in the world.

Noted Locations

Palace of Justified Hate: The Seat of the Va’Tari Empire, the Palace of Justified Hate is the most defended location of the entire Empire. The major city, which shares the same name, is the major center of trade, holding several large palace centers

Scout Towers: The majority of the outer islands of the Empire are made up of tall, impassive towers that jut into the sky.

The Undersetting: While vastly unknown to the general public, the Undersetting is the setting of the powerful labs of the sorcerers of the Va’Tari Empire. Here strange and bizarre experiments are held on the prisoners of the Empire, most of varied races.

The Spires of Demand: The Spires of Demand are a recent addition to the Va’Tari Empire. Standing on the central island, it houses the organization known as the God Blood Inheritors. Here, they practice and spend their free time, many choosing to cut off all ties with the outside world unless ordered to command a lesser legion

The Sin Pits: The Sin Pits are several large sink holes in one of the larger islands of the Va’Tari empire, in which the Hellfire Wyrms procreate and spawn young. They are tended by the squires of the Darkguard until they reach maturity. A ring of spires and towers surround the Pits, giving it a powerful defensive base.

Military Power

The military might of the Va’Tari empire is an impressive and frightful sight. The Va’Tari boast a powerful and highly trained navy, boasting easily the best crafted ships that tred the waves of the world. Their army is well organized, well trained, and even the most basic of civilian is well versed in the use of weaponry.

The Va’Tari military makes use of the powerful terrain of their homes, Defense spires holding dozens of large repeating crossbows and spell casting lofts to rain death from a far more strategic location then those attempting to invade.

Spellcasting in and of itself severs a powerful use in the military, from basic long distance communication, to vile and often times sinister uses on the fields of combat.

The military itself is divided into three direct orders, the navy, the air force and the army, each led by a powerful organization and commander known as the Infernal Dukes.

The God Blood Inheritors and the Armed Forces of the Grand Va’Tari
The God Blood Inheritors, and the armed forces, are over seen by Infernal Duke Nod, and comprise the smallest but best trained force in the entirety of the nation.

The majority of the army is set up into several subsets, each comprising

Infiltration: The Infiltration Unit is made up completely of the shape shifting rakshasa, using their powerful magics to gain entry into almost all facets of Playground society around the world, answering to Infernal Duke Nod directly when information of importance comes about. Cells can be found in even the most back water town in the far flung hinterlands of Ramua to trade posts in and through out Xiua.
Sudden Strike: The Sudden Strike branch of the Va’Tari army is made up mostly of half elves, though some less arcane minded tiefling have joined their ranks. The Sudden Strike Unit is used to break into enemy lines unseen, spreading chaos and terror in their wake or silently killing key members of the enemy force before they are noticed. Unlike the other units of the army, the Sudden Strike serve no single Infernal Duke, instead serving the entire military
The Grinder: The Grinder is the standard standing unit of the army, Tanarukk in heavy armor and vicious master crafted weapons make up the bulk of this section, commanded by the God Blood Inheritors
The Scaled Eye: The Scaled Eye is the spellcasting unit of the standing army, comprised mostly of tiefling’s and rakshasa, though both half elves and the extremely rare Tanarukk can be found in the training halls on occasion. Most magic is geared for war, terrain control and multi-unit destruction being the most extensive parts of their library

The God Blood Inheritors themselves are powerful single combatants set into two distinct units, the regenerators and the blade bearers. The two units are equal in the military, commanding respect from even the other branch’s of the armed forces, and the titles are only truly used when discussing combat abilities.

The Va’Tari Darkguard make up the entirety of the Va’Tari air force, though Dalam and the mages of the Darkguard have been searching for means to increase their power in the air, and giving them a powerful hand in the mortal world. The air force is led by Infernal Duke Hisagi, a twisted and powerful tiefling warlock. The entirety of the air force is made up of mages and warlocks

The navy is currently under no particular organization, but is led by an enigmatic Infernal Duke named Uresh, a tanarukk of wicked intellect. The navy is led by a series of captains and control protocols, and makes up the largest farming and research group of the Empire. Ships harvest the vegetation of The Flow, and research the powerful magical radiation that pervades the liquid earth, forever looking for ways around the deforming energies. It is said also that the navy has slowly begun to conduct research on controlling the monstrous creations that spawn from the bottom of The Flow, using them as guiding assault weapons in their constant search for improvement in their methods of slaughter

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