The Valkyries

Title(s):The Wolf Maidens
Home Plane:The Playground
Power Level:All are Demigods (DR 1)
Class:Rogue 8 / Fighter 10
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio:Valor, War
Domains:Indifference, Strength
Begotten By:Lossethir
Played by NefarionXid Nefarion Xid
Holy Symbol: A woman resting hands on a greatsword
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Worshipers: Soldiers
Avatar: N/A
Important Followers:

Combat: Warrior 10, Striker 8
- X {A}, X {C},

Origins and History:
The Valkyries are the unmistakable progeny of the Winter Lord. All female, pale skinned with powerful but comely builds, each with a different eye and hair color ranging from blue to silver to gold, black brown and one crimson. Each is garbed in ornate mithral plate armor and exquisite silk tunics. They favor different weapons, principally the greatsword, greatspear and longbow.

Operating as agents for their father, the Valkyries pose as mortal soldiers and serve in the ranks of armies that Lossethir favors for victory. However, they often simply aid whomever they choose and it's not uncommon for both sides of a conflict to have undercover Valkyries serving in their ranks due to sibling rivalry or outright defiance of their father. Warlords are wise to never dismiss a mysterious band of mercenaries on account of gender.

There are only ever seventeen Valkyries. They are ageless and immortal unless slain. If killed, they are born again, fully formed, seventeen years later in their father's realm.

Their names are Bridgette, Morgan, Christine, Diana, Olivia, Helen, Lucca, Victoria, Beatrix, Terra, Phoebe, Joan, Minerva, Natasha, Alma, Sophia, and Claire.

Know your Valkyries!

Morgan has red hair and wields a great axe. She's temperamental, contrary and more prone to fits of passion and rage than her sisters. A possible love interest of Vincent.

Olivia has cyan hair and wields a greatsword, she counts herself as the eldest of her sisters and their leader. She is the most loyal to Lossethir and works tirelessly to please him.

Sophia has dark blue hair and carries a longbow. She's the former lover of Gliss and the mother to Caina. She's soft spoken and demure.

Helen and Phoebe are nearly identical blondes; the only surefire way to tell them apart is that Phoebe has violet eyes while Helen's are golden brown. Both carry great spears like their father. They are the most dutiful and seldom leave his side.

The others are named Bridgette, Christine, Diana, Lucca, Victoria, Beatrix, Terra, Joan, Minerva, Natasha, Alma, and Claire.

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