Vasht nara the shadow's grin
Played By kopout
(DR:6) Shadowdancer 14/ Rouge 14
Symbol: a stone with 2 shadows
Home: The Shadow of the Playground
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Domains: shadow, Chaos
Portfolio: mischief
Favored Weapon: dagger(come on dagger, shadow its obvious)
Brief Description:
Benevolent yet mischievous, a trickster by hart but highly protective of what he considers his own. He will almost always do the right thing, for a given definition of right, although causing chaos and mayhem for fun and profit among those he sees as worthy is not at all beneath him after all whats life with out a bit of fun
Apereance: a swirling mass of shadow in the shape of a man with a grin
and a look of mischief in its eyes
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