The Veil of Souls

The gate known as the Veil of Souls is actually a great and powerful artifact crafted by the goddess Coberal and the god KlikChak Klik'chak. The Veil takes the form of a great round mirror of over one hundred feet in diameter. A nearly impenetrable gatehouse was built by Klik'chak around it to protect the Veil. Around this gatehouse, a group of dwarves, blessed by Klik'chak, have erected a vast underground fortress, which they have named Deathward.

The Veil of Souls creates a powerful draw on the spirits of the dead which manifests as a force much like the current of river pulling souls ever farther downstream towards the land of the dead, Amensi. While it is possible to resist this pull, it is very dangerous to do so. There are many forces across the planes which seek to capture and exploit the souls of the departed for their own vile uses. The demons seek to drag souls into the Abyss, where the souls are tortured until they learn to enjoy it and become demons themselves. The Devils seek out souls to drag into hell and torture for eternity for their own amusement. The greatest threat of all remains Eul, who's insatiable hunger draws souls into his ravenous maw of darkness where he consumes them or uses them to fuel his Incarnum foul experiments.
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